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Secrets abound in the upcoming Paramount+ Original The Envoys, from Juan José Campanella for ViacomCBS International.

The Spanish-language drama stars Luis Gerardo Méndez and Miguel Angel Silvestre as priests who are part of an elite force led by the Vatican and exclusively dedicated to corroborating the veracity of miracles.

“I think it’s a really interesting show because of the mastermind behind it, Juan José Campanella, who is incredible,” Méndez, who plays Pedro Salinas, a priest and medical expert, told Talkdata during the series’ panel at Talkdata’s New Tube event. “He’s an Oscar-winning director from Argentina and he’s incredibly talented. This series really shows his expertise which is creating these stories that are so appealing and intriguing—especially these characters, who are really relatable.”

Tackling the topic of religion within the Latino culture is risky because of the community’s strong connection to the Christian faith. Campanella’s move to challenge the existence of miracles while catering to the Latino and Hispanic communities is bold and exciting.

“In Mexico and Latin America, we grow up with a very strong faith and this show is about questioning that and science,” Méndez said. “My character is a priest who is also a doctor and he’s in charge of figuring out if a supposed miracle is happening in this town. It’s an interesting journey about what we are believing in. My character is always saying he doesn’t want to believe, he wants to prove what’s right.”

He added, “When I met the director I told him that I am my character. You don’t need to look any further. I grew up as part of a very Catholic family. My mom is one of the most devoted Catholics you’ll ever meet, and my father was a doctor—so I grew up between those storylines my whole life. So I could totally understand what it would be like to be a priest but also be very much on the side of science.”

Méndez teased the multiple layers of secrets riddled across the story, including one of his Pedro’s own.

“I don’t want to give away too many spoilers but it’s an interesting character because he comes from a really rich family from Mexico,” the Club de Cuervos star said. “He’s had an education and he’s a doctor but at the same time he grew up with a Mexican Indigenous nanny with different beliefs as his family and their religion. So he was exposed to at an early age this other way of looking at life and seeing God. Throughout his journey, he discovers there are different ways of seeing and feeling God, which is going to be interesting to see unfold.”

Check back Monday for the panel video.

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