Divorce lawyer: If Amber Heard feared Johnny Depp, why did she gift him huge knife?

And hungry on the way home Yeah, So the legal battle between Johnny, Depp and Amber heard is getting a lot of attention. What’s really going on behind the scenes? A lot of people want to know.

You know what Is all of this.

What does it all mean? You were talking to an attorney this morning, Christopher Melcher, to break it down right.

I can’t even go on Tiktok Instagram, without seeing updates on the depth of the herd trial, So Amber heard ended her testimony yesterday in the defamation suit brought by her ex husband, Johnny Depp.

That was followed by video testimony from two of her friends.

Johnny Depp is suing Heard for 50 million claiming defamation following an op, ed piece heard wrote About surviving domestic abuse.

Depth says it defamed his character, even though her never mentioned him by name.

Her is countersuing for 100 million, Okay, so for the latest on this case to kind of catch us up, let’s bring in celebrity divorce.

Lawyer, Christopher Melcher, Christopher My Twitter friend, Thank you for joining us this morning.

Well, thanks for having me Amanda, It’s a great story to be following It:’s like a TV show, I mean every day we’re, seeing this live on on court, TV and other, and your outlets. It’s, amazing, when you can’t spell trial without T, and this one has the capital T So let’s spill.

All of it right now Amber heard claim that Johnny Depp was physically abusive towards her and she lived in fear of him, But yesterday we discovered that she gave him a huge knife As a gift, The knife was displayed to the jury.

What does this mean for the case? Well, it’s, one of these jarring inconsistencies and it’s understandable, as somebody would give a gift to their mate, But it doesn’t make sense when she claimed that she was living in fear.

All of this time that she would give a big scary weapon to him, So these are one of the things and actually displayed that to the jury, because the photo doesn’t do it justice.

So this is just one of the inconsistencies knife That’s: big Yeah, that’s a big knife Yeah and it’s.

Just you know, and again One of these little data points.

Doesn’t really mean anything, But when you start putting them all together, the story just uh does not hold up.

You know it.’s really sad to me when I keep hearing these audio recordings and a lot of us are hearing them played in court.

They’re disturbing to so many.

I have so many questions and concerns Why this couple recorded each other, the way they did and for how long they recorded each other. But in your opinion, what do these recordings reveal? It is weird that they were taping each other and under California law you need consent of both, But they didn’t have that recordings were allowed into evidence and It’s important, because that’s people unfiltered in their home speaking not many years later.

After preparation and putting on a bigger show in court, So what we hear in these recordings is consistently Johnny trying to deescalate and avoid arguments but amber wanting to pursue those arguments and saying: Look: we’re not done.

I want you know to continue arguing with you And so those do not sound like Johnny’s, the aggressor.

It makes it sound like Amber’s, the aggressor, So it’s very hard for her to explain that she tried to.

But again it’s her words, her demeanor and she was Really angry and somebody who’s scared of somebody, wouldn’t be using the really foul language and horrible words that she was using in these tapes towards him And let’s talk about Evidence Usually, when you have photographic evidence that that can say 1000 words right, But people are discounting some of the Photos of Amber’s bruise.

There seems to be a bit of doubt on the severity and even Christopher the authenticity of her bruises.

Can you talk about that man? This is the most difficult part of it, because we want to support people who come in and claim abuse and she came in under oath with photographs showing bruises, And so of course, everyone thinks like well.

This happened, but now that Jonny’s team has had the time to go analyze this it’s, there Problems with these photographs, and so some of them appear to be manipulated.

Also, There’s photographs of her one day with a big shiner coming out of court And then the next day nothing on her face and she says: Well.

She had makeup on the next day right She’s, saying that covered it, but But the problem is it’s. A high resolution photo the next day that I mean it.

Just doesn’t look like there’s make up there.

So look anything’s possible, But again we start putting all these things together and John John consistency Mm My last question: for you, This trial is all over Tiktok.

It’s all over the Internet.

People are discussing it at the water cooler.

What is it specifically about this case, this trial that people just cannot get enough of It?’s, amazing, and I think it’s two celebrities and also just like why? Why are they doing this to each other? That is bad enough to have a breakup, But then to do so publicly, And why are we hearing about this, But It It’s captivating all of the details, and I think it hopefully lessons for all of us of how not to handle a breakup.

Absolutely so published, Thank you all for coming on Twitter Just go to E a underscore divorce.

Appreciating all this Christopher Thanks Amanda! Thank you And also stay with us.


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