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Hello my name's Alan Eisner and I'm a founding partner here at Eisner Gorin our law firm I want talk to you little bit about
successfully defending a federal drug crime. Many times a client is in my office they've been
arrested and charged after their home on their property or their car has been searched narcotics have been recovered perhaps money has been recovered and that are at
a loss for what to do next important tool in a defense attorneys Arsenal is
the use in the fourth amendment the Fourth Amendment protects everybody
from unreasonable search and seizure I government what you have to do is
analyze the conditions in the circumstances around which the narcotics or the funds receive did the government play by the
rules did they get a warrant does the warrant
articulate probable cause is there some false information in that warrant that you want to
challenge perhaps you put the federal agent up on the witness stand and
challenge their credibility and challenge the
truthfulness that got that federal judge to sign that warrant Eisner Gorin this is the type of
case that we specialize in I we make no judgment about the conduct we fight vigorously to protect your
rights as a citizen its rights that we all have we all are
entitled to be free from unreasonable search and seizures by our government and we defend you forcefully in these cases were available at any time of the day or night if you're in trouble feel free to call us (877) 781-1570

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