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Welcome back… Chotta Maksad who is a
representative of shakur Ahmed… …had been arrested
by the Hyderabad police… is being enquired by
D.G.P Ramakanth Batnayak today, …has opposed
the test of Maksad. Maksad! We arethe doctors,
who gave you treatment. You maytell everything
without fear. Can we proceed?
-What are you doing? I deal with weapons, arms
and hawala business in lndia. Anwarkhan deals drugs. Who are all there?
-Rashid in Calcutta. [CALCUTTA] Riyaskhan in Mumbai. Ahammedulla Khan in Meerat. You… Why have you come here? To transfer 500 crores that we receive
in cricket bettings to singapore… To where that money
goes from singapore? To our Pakistan's Libya account.

You told that you received money
from cricket bettings. What is that? Tell us.
-That is… United Arab Emirates I don't like the
diversion of concentration. George! If you want to enjoy,
go and enjoy. stephy! Take him inside. I give you time. Go Mr.George. Eliyas! How is our cricket
business in lndia? Business has gone down
50% to 60% There is heavy competition in each
and every street in lndia. Very difficult. Eliyas!
-Brother! Your favorite dish. Why are you shocked, man? Because you see your partner's head
like Tandoori chicken…? Wiill you give me lndia's cricket
business & political leader's connection? The girls here are not only beautiful.
Also death is beautiful here. Tell me now. Where is
this year's lPL collection? Where is the 500 crores that
you people sent to singapore? In old city… sir! Home minister
has called us urgently. Useless officers. Theywill come to the
Minister only after doing everything. Let me see how his future
is through this frame… Come, man. That culprit is an idiot. Anyonewill
deposit such money in swiss bank only. But he has hidden the money in
municipal high school water tank, …to avoid suspicion. Why did I call him?

His name is shiva. He is 24 years old. He has gone
to court in this young age. His target is those,
who have black money. Thosewho lost money, won't complain
& the one who gotthe money is happy. You man! Why do you arrest local
rowdies without arresting terrorists? I have a small doubt. What is
he doing with that money? He is giving to orphanages and
social service organizations, sir.

That is being done by others. It is too
dangerous. Arrest him immediately. If you handover the 500 crores
to the Government… …I'll take up this case. Look! There is
a limit for sincerity. Where should the municipal
water tank money go? It should fall in his pocket like
water tank water. People's money should be in this
people's representative's pocket only. That's my sir's rule. Look. I've appointed a high officer
to take over Maksad's case. Do this job first. This is his fate. Why is he going without
giving you respect, sir? Did you tell him about
that case and transfer? That's why I called him.
He came & saluted me.

I spoketo him.
& he has gone. You looked at us. Heard every
secret. Keep it a secret. You know everything. But you
act as ifyou don't know nothing. P.A should be like you
only, man. From where did you get this money?
Who gave you, boys? My brother gave us for my studies.
Who's he? Where is he? shiva! Police has come
to know about you. Never mind. There's a
wedding in your home, isn't it? Take care ofthatfirst. -You serve
to the orphanages always.

Did you think about your future?
-Why should I think? In my childhood, I went to
an orphanage to study well. I didn't see human anywhere.
I decided about my future at that time. Ifthis black money is in a rich house,
it will be useful for them only. Ifl givethat moneyto the orphans
for studies, itwill be useful. Not that. I told about
your bright future. I will survive till there is money
in these buildings. Main door entry for them
& back door entry for me. People like me in lndia
have a bright future. Okay, you go & take care ofthe
wedding work. I will do my job. You Laddu! Give me
a hot tea, man. You won't find him. You will find him only
when his stamina goes down. My stamina is 4 kms. Do any of you have
the stamina to run to that distance? What sir? Why did you lose your
sincerity in front of corruption? Has your stamina gone down
in 2 kilo meters? Not my stamina, man? I've come
to test your stamina, man.

My stamina? For what?
-I want you to do a stealing. What, sir? Do you have
a side business too? I don't have that much time
and necessity. I like your black money concept. Home minister has 5000 crores
black money. If you steal that,
you will come up very easily. Will you do it?
-lf you want me to do it, I'll do it. Look man, it is not that easy. There is
atight security at Minister's home. If they find you, they will
tear you into pieces. You are a single man.
How can you steal that, man? I may be a single man.
Butthere is a boss in my heart. Don't you know what is fear? sir! Do you see fear
in my eyes? Or confidence? There must be confidence in his eyes.
He mustn't have fear for anything.

He should not think any other
girl beautiful than me. How is it possible?
Wherewill you find him? If l have confidence,
I will find him. Wherever you go,
you have to rob. I don't know about fear.
I don't worry about the risk. I will attack like an arrow. If I'm
caught, I will become a storm. I don't know to act for
fear of others. Whoever may oppose you.
Don't be afraid. I don't know about fear.
I don't worry about the risk. I will attack like an arrow. If I'm
caught, I will become a storm. Even if I am wrong,
lt'll be a serviceto the nation. sandalwood too will become hot
when I see it. If you lose your eye sight,
I will be there in front ofyou. I will fight with the rowdies.
I am the great don here. I will show you the heaven. I don't have fear for my enemies.
Nobody comes to fight with me. I don't know about fear.
I don't worry about the risk. I will attack like an arrow. If I'm
caught, I will become a storm.

Ifl fight with the sketch,
he'll befinished. Can you take deadly
risk like me? Wiill any of my job easier
to do by others? Thewholewater in your bodywill
become vapor, ifyou do like me. I will beat my enemies. If a beautiful
girl come, I will impress her. I will form a link between
us and lock her. I don't fear about the enemies.
Nobody comes to fight with me. A great thread robbery.
Commander! Do you understand anything? I don't understand anything. If you don't understand,
you should not takethis. What else should I take, then?
-That one…

Not now.
-When, then? A great robbery is going
to take place now. Both of you should be alert & stop that.
After that you can takethis. Robbery?
-Yes. Here?
-Yes. silly… -Have you turned
understanding this or not? I can't find any feeling
from your face. You aretotally in a confusion.
Let me clear it. What? Is there Nayanthara inside?
Let me see her once. This is not Nayanthara's house.
Home minister's house. Go away. O.k. If you don't show her to me,
I will go to Lakshmi talkies. Hidethat immediately, man. What, man? Hewill come in a police dress
and roll likethat. How?
-Like that. You can't find it, can you? What?
-Water, sir. What happened, then?
I guessed that much only. I haveto seewhat is going
to happen after that. Hello control room! There's a sudden attack
in home minister's house. send the police force immediately. Police man! some sound
is coming from there. Minister has gone to Delhi, hiding
the entire money in thewater tank. I brought a full bottle ofwhisky.
Wantto have it? Company people kept
only one opening. somebody kept another one.
I drink from company's opening.

-An idea. Did you have drinks?
-Not that, sir. We don't know the outside position.
We don't know what to do now. I will go out by our van.
People will be in deep shock. You should attack
at that time. -Good idea, proceed. Do you understand what is happening there?
I understood about that attack. show this expression
to the Minister. If your hands shiver like this, officers
who gave you this job will be shaky. What, lady? Our Kodeeswara Rao's
daughter is going to get married. They sent invitation. I don't know
about our situation. Ifwe go to the marriage,
we can see our relatives. I will call the car driver
to take us there. That place is very far.
We can't pay the car rent. Don't bother about
the car rent, man. I only have to pay the car rent.
What are you going to spend? Car's diesel, driver, rent
& you are waste.

Yes. I am alive here.
I am also waste for you. You have a given me a royal life.
You… keep down the receiver. Don't think that you're a
big shot. Put down the phone. He has given…
Where did I put my spectacle? I can't see anything without
spectacle. Where did I put it? Who is that? You thief… Look at me once.
Do I look like athief? Who are you, man?
-I am a software engineer. Why do you feel shy to tell as engineer?
Why did you come now? Can you rent that house? Cometomorrow.
I've to go to duty tomorrow. You can come at anytime.
I won't rent the house to anyone.

You want to go to your relative's
marriage, don't you? How do you know that?
-I will take you to the marriage. Will you rent me if l take you?
-Will you take me? I swear on you.
-Then, I'll let that house for free. Wiill you take me by lorry
since I give you the house freely? No, ma'am. If thieves come after
we both leave for the marriage…? Thief? This side Raja sekara Reddy,
this side Chandrababu Naidu. Back side K.C.R.,
Front side Pavan Kalyan super… super security. Am I right?
-Then it is safe. Fools! I keep him as my P.A as
he says everything in advance. Hetold everything clearly.
Why did you acted wrongly? Wethought that
the thiefwas at the front side. Is it? What's the matter, sir? Robbery has taken place. How did hefind that I stole Rs.100
from the house on that night? He knew that already.
He didn't ask about that.

-About water tank money missing. Did that robberytake place?
-You told us about that in advance, sir. Why did you miss, then? Because you were under intoxication…
-Drunkards will tell thetruth only. shut up. Look… I don't know where is the thief.
You must catch him. If you fail, I will suspend
you all. That is all. Oh God! He's left. What did
I tell you on that night? As how that robbery
would take place. Do you remember?
-Don't you remember? I won't remember
ifl am normal. I will take drinks tonight and
sketch about that thief. Take rest. All ofyou go. Go… Come on. What do you think ofthis petrol or water?
What job are you doing? You've wasted petrol.

I will beat you.
-Why do you beat that small boy? He's wasted 1 0 liters ofpetrol. If you were in place,
you'd havewasted 20 liters. Look at there. This is worth seeing. You wastethe petrol
and make the tank empty, boy. That girl has given you this, sir. Who's that? You got stunned seeing
my back. Front will be too good. Do you have guts to see me? You! Don't I know to conduct my daughter's
marriage grandly, who watches movies regularly? We'd spend only 50 lakhs if
we conduct this marriage in Hyderabad.

Ifwe conduct it in Lakshmipuram, we should
spend around 10 lakhs. Am I right? Is the money important for you than me?
I got money before our marriage itself. I will leave you also ifit is necessary.
But I will never leave my money. I don't havethat luck. What's this?
-Groceries list. It is like buying a super market.
-Relatives will come and… It's not a political meeting.
My daughter's marriage. I'm also giving this list for
my daughter's marriage only. Is everything right?
Right. Then do one thing.
Havethis only. All are salt packets. -Let the relatives
eat salt and be loyal to us. You idiot! What are you going to
do with your money, man? Thangamma aunt has come. I only invited her.
-Did you invite her? Can you do athing? Kill me.
-Why do you talk likethis on Tuesday? Look. I have listed the needed
things in this for aweek. Get me everything without forgetting.
Aunt! You've come? It's like you asking me,
why I've come.

Who is he?
-You're asking about him? Do you know our Thenali grandpa?
-Who's he? You fool! He forgot our close relatives too
after becoming rich. He asks about him. Thenali is
your grandpa's grandpa, man. He's the son ofwest Godavari.
Do you understand now? Are you staying in west Godavari now?
-West Maretpalli, sir. He is a great man.
From Chitoor to Maretpalli. Ifwetell this again,
this marriage will be over. How are you, grandma?
Come, bride. Why have you become so lean? Who is he? He is our Thenali
grandpa's… -Enough. Why do you stop me
saying that? I will kill anyone,
who ask about him. I understood. Boy! I am your uncle.
Call me uncle just once. Uncle!
-somebody is calling him as uncle. What? shut up. Is there
anybody at upstairs? Director & assistant sir.
-Only 3…? Uncle!
-set him up there. You go, boy. Thangamma aunt
has spoiled my peace. Oh God! Give me a coffee.
No coffee powder. Always no milk. No coffee powder.
What, man? Ifl keep blocking, everybody's
mind will be blocked.

Abishek Bachan & jaya Bachan called me
to shoot an action movie, man. Why didn't I shoot, then?
My range is too high as a director. That's why visitors should take
appointment and come to meet me. I'm such a respectable director,
creative person and celebrity, man. Move! Who is this silly fellow.
Keep the bag, man. You're an eating fellow.
He's an useless boy. Why do you ask about me? This is hollywood scene.
This is bollywood Babji. Are you doing wood work?
-He's in a great confusion. Tell him clearly.
-Wait. I will show him. sir! My director was roaming
without slippers in Krishna Nagar. He fell on rich people's
feet for chance.

He begged the director that
he'd give a good wedding story. This is our director's
secret survival story. It's a platform people's life.
Who's car is that 4905, man? I am a director. You've made me a parking
boy by your single word, man. Don't feel. If you hear the incident of me & that car,
you too will shoot afilm by that. Accidentwill happen by car.
How could an incident? -You'll feel shy.
Hear the matter. What is that? sir! 2 people arethereto shoot this
to get applause in theatres. Who arethey? One is my steelburg.
Another one is… -Bollywood Babji. Please keep quiet. sir! I will takethis incident as cinema
& win Gemini T.V's one day award too. Not one day award. sunday award.
-You go & inquire about that car girl. Power failure.
Everything has become dark. Who has kept this big rice bag
here? Where is my room? should the power failure
occur now? That old lady has spoiled
my romantic mood.

Or my creativitywould
have got started. Come. Let us go. Leave it.
Why do you act like this? What's your plan now?
I've to steal, look atthat photo. seewho is standing
near our bride. I'll take this photo and keep it
in cinema hall. Award will be given
for this poster. Her eyes should admire only
one person. Who is that? Are you interfering?
Can't you keep quiet? Can you give the way? -Can you identify
this without wearing spectacle? Everything is blank.
-Night effect? How does this boy look when
you're not wearing spectacle? His head is likewater melon. Body is like
potato and drum stick like legs. Ma'am. Why are you talking about my leg
instead oftalking about my sir? This is too much. MrSteelburg. I feel pity as this girl has
got eye sight problem in this young age. I don'twant your sympathy.
-The matter is… I know the matter. He's sighting me, telling
of his sympathy. Boys will sight girls only,
not old ladies like you. Let her go first. No.
Let us go first.

Come. Everybody has come from Hyderabad.
-Don't become tensed, man. I will prove it. -What do you
ask meto do? Follow me. Ifwe cut it,
sun rise should come. He has touched. He has touched. Fool. If hetouch,
you will die, man. Who is that? somebody is
there in front of me. Tell me. Who is that?
uncle. Producer sir. He is testing my patience. Why are you so sad, ma'am?
some rascal is teasing me. Is it so?
Who is that? What did he do? Hands on my hip… did hetouch you? Hetried.
-Then…? He came near my lips.
-Did he kiss you? Hetried.
-What happened, then? He brought his hands likethis.
After that…? You show great interest in this.
I have to find that man. That's why… I ask you details. You aretelling
everything so clearly as ifyou saw him.

I didn't see through my eyes.
I tell this because of my 6th sense. What does sense mean? Do you have that? If I havethat, -Will I keep you
as my assistant? You are too beautiful
without spectacle. To be beautiful
in front of you… Do you want me to be blind
throughout my lifetime? That is correct. But your specs are
like the large Maruti car windshield. O.k. Wiill you take your
car for service? I'm asking whether you're
going for bath. Yes.
-Come. I will drop you. It will be safe for you. Come. We have come
to the bathroom. Come here. Cold water is at your right
& hot water is at your left. O.k.
Thanks. You leave now. Have it. Let me lock
the door and go. What arethey doing inside?
Why are you here? Get out. Your eye sight is good. -I told this
by your body spray.

Boys are idiots. They will
misbehave with girls always. The car is too hot.
so take bath with cold water. This scene is good. Let's ask him
about inside matter. Bathroom scene alone is cut. There's no touching in his film. I heard, man. such scene won't
be in my cinema. so shut up. Did you see? Did you
understand anything? -No. How can he understand? What did he say?
Are you a director? she's cute. Where is she? she's gone to a village.
Is it? -Yes. What arewe doing here,
then? Come. -O.k Where is this director? I've created a scene
for you at Nigeria. -Where? I'm calling you for a long time.
Didn't you hear my voice? Did you call me, aunt?
Yes, I shouted. I couldn't hear anything
because of the music sound.

You won't hear anything. seethese children's face.
They are dull. Theywill eat fully in the
afternoon, won't they? Not only afternoon. Evening also…
You arrange for bachelors party. Why do you want bachelor party?
sir! This scene is there in our cinematoo. He'll die, ifthere is no party. Then die.
You're not conducting her marriage. Ifyou don't arrange for
evening party, you'refinished. Aunt. You follow that plan. I will arrange
for sony sound systems & speakers. You're not a 67 years old lady.
You're 27 years young girl, What, sir? Why did I bring
you here? -To write story… What is the level of your story?
Tiill a shocking interval. I will give the story
theme now. -What? You'd die in this wedding hall.
Police should not come. Nobody should get any doubt.

Look. I will go and arrange for party. You try to commit suicide. You be ready for the
evening party. -O.k, sir Their body shape should change now.
Iftheytry, our shapes will be changed. switch off the main for that.
They will doubt us. Theywill feel the real excitement only
ifwe switch offthe main. What, girl? What happened?
stop it. Who is that? Why did you scream? -We became
scared, when the power failed. When I'm not afraid,
why do you fear? Kodika.
What? Current will go again.
Arrange for a generator.

Power plant too will blast here. Why do you look like this?
somebody had hugged me. It must be they only.
Why did you shout, then? I also had that experience.
somebody hugged me also. I could not see his face.
But hewas in this size. How did you find his size?
I got committed with him. stop. Your matter is o.k.
How can I tell about my matter? -Why? Did nobody hug you?
-Yes? They had rubbed my legs. It must
be definitelythose guys only. I'll see you. Come fast, man. somebody is following us.
switch off the lights. Why do you crush
my neck, man? Brother… Throw her on the ground.

Achu! Where are you boys? Very tired.
-How did I come here? How did you come here? You kept your hands on me
& your body on me. Asking me how you came
here now…? This drama is very good.
Will you stop it? Are you mad? Why should I bring you here
leaving everybodythere? You told that I am very
handsomethan him. Who is that?
That moon… Your screw has
become too loose. I also asked you this only. Tell me, who is handsome,
me or that moon? somebody will come.
Let them come. I will ask who is mister
lndia & mister Universe. You are very beautiful
than the moon. Did you see clearly? I've seen. There's a
dark mole in the moon also.

If you had seen clearly, it means
your eye sight is good. I lied on that day to tease you.
so I acted to maintain that. I say sorry for
everything happened. Tell me now. How did I come here?
A gang kidnapped you here. Me…? I won't believe. Then how did you come here
while dancing there? You might have done some magic.
Your pride has not gone yet. Tryto remember, what
happened while dancing. Why did they kidnap me?
Who are they? How do I know that? You believe it
or not. This is the fact. O.k…? Again love story? Unmarried girls & boys like us come
to wedding function likethis. Theywon't be quiet
after coming. They will fight with each other, become
friends & thewedding will be over. Bridegroom & bride will go
for honeymoon happily. Wetoo will leave.
Wewill feel.

Why? Love current might have
passed between us. Unmarried girls & boys
will fall in love & feel. should I need this pain now? That's why I am very careful.
We both are strangers from now. Is it o.k.? O.k. He has a beautiful innocent heart,
which I seefirst time in my life. My heart is struggling
to revel its love soon. I don't understand my feelings.
I don't know what is this. This is called love. He has a beautiful innocent heart,
which I seefirst time in my life.

My heart is struggling
to revel its love soon. You are there in my heart. Because
ofthat I have become crazy on you. I've become weak bythinking
of you at my home. I too have the same
feeling as you have. My heart is flying with wings
like a sparrow. What is this? Ask your heart to
return it back. This is called love. He has a beautiful innocent heart,
which I seefirst time in my life. My heart is struggling
to revel its love soon. I feel shy as
I didn't wear sari. What kind of magic is
there in your sight? Days that I spend with
you is pleasure.

Love feeling will be likethis only.
Love is like a magnet. My heart is jumping
like the seawaves. I too have the same
feeling as you have. This is called love. He has a beautiful innocent heart,
which I seefirst time in my life. My heart is struggling
to revel its love soon. I got an idea about cinema titlewhile
swimming with beautiful girls here. Water film.
Look there… sir! We are following you
getting impressed by you. What arewe going to tell
the producer about the story? Director doesn't know even kids story.
-Don't talk when it's thrilling. We can't understand
your concept, sir. If the distance is more in love,
girls will come closer in love story. What does it mean? seethere. story is coming
verywell. Come on. You man! Tell your rate before
clicking the photo. -Fixed rate, sir. We both will go. Tell me Rs.50 less.
Man! same rate is there for all. O.k. Click. Is there
anyone else? I am here. Come. sit down. What's this, man? What do you
think about yourself? Why do you call mewithout respect?
Do you think yourself as sharukh khan? Are you proud of your beauty
as you can attract girls? For me? Don't talk too much.
I am very patient.

If it is somebody else…
Don't do like this in open place. It won't be nice. We can punish you
without mercy. Me & my friends got
introduced to you at the sametime. You move closely with them.
Why do you avoid me alone? I told you. Let's go from here
without any hard feelings. Do you deal all the girls like
this only or me alone? I don't know to talk indirectly like you.
I ask directly now. Tell me. Do you like me? I asked you only.
Do you like me or not? Your head too is giving two
replies as yes & no, like your heart. Tell me straight.
How can I hate you? Why do you like me? Think well and
tell me the reason. I like you. O.k.? Come, man.
How long since I last saw you? Are you fine, brother?
Fine, dear. He's not changed yet.
He's not yet changed, brother. My dear daughter. I missed you, child. How are you?
I'm fine. You've become lean. Why?
I was never so happy, dad.

I never parted my daughter
even for a day. I sent her for you only. Who's that? Minister has come
directly. Got settled with cash? You don't know about me. Body will
shiver. But my brain is poisonous. I only did that accident. No
postmortem. No body. Fully smashed. I think, I've seen him somewhere.
Does he know me or do I know him? I'm in an urgent confusion.
Cut the call. I will call you. Where's he? Where did he go?
Why should I bother? If I bring out his photo
in my brain frame, I will find him.

Who are you? -I'm Kadappa
Veera Reddy's son. son… You killed my father? O.k. Do you make lawyer,
doctor & everybody mad? I will kill you now. You boy! Cool… Ifyou throw,
the potwill get broken. Calm heart will succeed… I understood clearly now, boy. I have to give compensation
to the affected family members too. Keep it. Don't give him.
see. Keep this Rs.1 0000. I'veto give 25000 to police,
man. -Here it is. I haveto give Rs.50000 to lawyer.
I haveto give Rs.80000 to the other man. Keep this also. I've some more commitment.
-Take fully. I have a small doubt. I think
I've seen you somewhere. I remember that I've never seen you.
I should not use my frame beforethem.

Why do you blackmail him like
N.T.R in a Telugu movie? What, man?
I'm not Veera Reddy's son. Why did you threaten him, then?
Financial state is tight. Brother! Veera Reddy has another
son also. His financial state also is bad. Thethird son also is
in atight position. You are also his sons.
Do whatever you want. Even ifwe block him,
he goes out of the frame. If I'veto reducethe pain,
I must drink heavily. We'll set the block for him. What, boys? Why do you
look at me likethis? Bring the side dish there. What is this? Must finish this
before somebodytakes it. One more sip.
Now only I gave you. We've forgotten why we've come.
I gottempted seeing this bottle. We got his bottle. Would he
become afraid seeing us? Beat him with bottle,
he'll be afraid. Boy! Did you take the drinks fully?
Or do you want some more? You should not be alive.
Why do you feel so cruelly, boy? What cruelty? see.

Your correct
block has not got set yet. I'm the Veera Reddy's son,
whom you killed. Does Veera Reddy has a son in day
effect & another one in night effect? I'm the Veera Reddy's 1st son,
who born for his 2nd wife at midnight. When my dad was traveling through the highway… somebody got his dead body paying
Rs.50000 from the mortuary. That's the fate. It's not your fate.
It's my fate.

Why do you beat yourself?
Then have it. seethe frame. How my block got set
in your frame? It has got set well. I understand that you're giving
compensation to all the family members. Here is Rs.10000. You give me only Rs.10000, when you
gave Rs.80000 to my brother? Did hetell you that?
I saw it with my eyes, man. I've comewith jealous. You don't know
about my tight financial situation. You don't know that
I've become very loose now. That's better. Is this plate boxing? Not plate Babji,
Bollywood Babji. Take your leg. It seems
I will die if I see your leg. Give me money,
else you'll die. I understood. You'rethe son of
Veera Reddy's 3rd wife. Here is your compensation. show me. Is this sari good for Lilly?
This sari will be good for you, dear. selection is yours.
Decision is mine. select another one for Lilly.

Sir! How are you going
to saythe story now? How itwill be, if I go & ask her
dad to give her daughter? I will ask him now. Oh God. He's going to show
the climax now itself? Will he give his daughter?
Her dad will tear him. Who is he?
Your Thenali grandpa… Don't confuse him telling
those relationships. Let me tell him. How would he
know if I don't tell him? Nothing, man.

His name is shiva.
shiva! You stop. Come here.
What, uncle? What does it mean?
I prepare for my French exam. Why do you prepare in front of us
without reading in a room? That's my problem, uncle. I wrotethe exam 9 times. I failed
completely because of this word. My friend told me
to read in the crowd. Only then, I would remember
this word easily in exam hall. What does it mean? Can you send your
daughter only once? There is a small job. Thatword is small.
But meaning is lengthy. French words are short.
But it is long in Telugu. Do you like that rose? I like. That yellow flower…? Very beautiful. Then those yellow buds near
that flower? I like that too.

Which flower
do you like in that? Can you tell why you like
those flowers first? Becausethey are beautiful…
You are also beautiful. It means you like me
since I am beautiful. In case if my beautiful face become
ugly because of some reason…? Thoseflowers become dry in evenings.
Ifmy face too becomes ugly…? What's the guaranteethat you will not
say another girl as beautiful…? Love is not in beauty. If you love
my beauty only, I don't want that love. Am I correct?
Correct. We both are strangers now. I don't want your beauty.
I want your pure love, dear. If I don't get your love,
I don't want this life. I know your mind, man.
I don't want your drama. I don't have any ideato love you.
I will never fall by your sight. Give me one chance…
Listen to me, baby. I don'twant your beauty.
I want your pure love, dear. If I don't get your love,
I don'twant this life.

Flowers too will feel shy
in front of your beauty. My soul turns towards
your side. Why has he born with
such a pride? Die, man. I ask him to leave me.
But he doesn't leave me. Oh god! Are my eyes beautiful? -Have you come
to know about that now only? I don't have any ideato love you.
I will never fall by your sight. Give me one chance…
Listen to me, baby. No way… Definitely not… Even if I die… so sorry. Won't you understand
human's feelings and problems? Won't you stop your nonsense? Did you
learn these acts in your convent? Everything is full of pleasure. You've not yet changed. I will decided as I like.
I don't need your advice. I will never fall seeing
monkeys like you. Give me one chance…
Listen to me, baby. Give me one chance…
Listen to me, baby. I like you very much.
I'll give you another chance. You've made me feel
as you feel. What are you doing? What is his name? Where is he staying? Don't you know
anything about him? I don't know, dad.

Wiithout even knowing him,
why did you give him a chance? My daughter can answer my question.
If I'm not convinced… Your selection is right.
Don't be afraid. Tell me. You'vetold that selection is
mine & the decision is yours. I was attracted without my
knowledge. I lost myself, dad. You've brought me up
safely for 24 years. But I feel something different,
when he is near, dad. Hewon't like any other girl even
if she is beautiful than me, till I am alive. I'm expecting the same answer from you
& I'll wait for your decision, dad. Don't wait. He's that man.
Both are same. I've never seen such a boy. Even
scotland yard police can't catch him. Why do you beat me? Both of you are beating me,
when I remind of him. He only stole in your house. He has
stolen your daughter's heart too. How can you save
your daughter? Are you telling the truth?
-It's true. You made me steal in
home minister's house.

You linked me
with his daughter. Your fitting is good. Daughter is at
a side & dad is at another side. But this relationship is good. That's why I'm going to tell
thetruth that I am athief. Rest is in your hands. I sent my daughter to your home for
our friendship & you made her love him? He stole in my house.
My daughter is loving athief. Do you know how she loves him
even without caring my decision? What are you watching?
Go & cook inside. What is this why did
he give such atwist? If that girl tell that we are his friends,
they will tear us into pieces. Cinema cancelled. Give a solution for my daughter's life.
I am patient because you're my friend. or I'd have killed you. Why do you talk rubbish
in a wedding house? shut up.

You've spoiled my daughter's
future by bringing a thief here? How much commission did you
get from the stolen money? It's been too long since I met you all.
I came here only to see you all. That's the reason. I didn't come
for commission in this old age. I'm elder than you all.
Give respect for my age atleast. Why should I give you respect?
You both have stolen my money. I'll beat you with slipper. If you don't do good things,
you'll suffer in all your life. Are your jewels safe?
Everything is safe. I'm a thief as he said. I came
to this wedding lying to you. Forgive me. But I didn't steal
anybody's belongings here.

I was planning to tell
you this truth myself. But my bad luck. You've come
to know this before I told you. Tell me. Want to know the
answer for why I love you….? Why should she know that? I'll beat
you with slippers & chase you. The matter is between your
daughter & me. Don't interfere. You tell me. I don't need anything. If I don't
get your love, I don't want this life. I know your matter.
Don't act in front of me. I will never fall even
for your attraction. You've stamina to run for 4 kms.
Why are you giving up so easily? What can I do? I can sacrifice
anything to have her love. Where are you going
packing your clothes? I'm going to Dubai because of Rupa's
compulsion. I'll stay there for sometime. It means you've not
forgotten him still. I forgot him already, dad.

I am already packed. You come
to the airport directly. O.k? shakurbhai! Minister's daughter
is going to Dubai. Vehicle is there. Come. Karuna & Prem also
would have come. Krishna…
Krishnaveni… What? she had been kidnapped?
Yes. How do mafia people
know your daughter? What happened actually?
Tell me. Our commissioner recovered mafia
leader shakur's match fixing money, that he earned with risk… He only seized their money
& kept in his water tank. You can ask him to return
his daughter giving their money back. But a thiefhas stolen his water tank
money by a simple thread plan. That thief is in jail now. shakur
doesn't know about this theft. He doesn't believethis robbery. He tells
that minister has hidden the money. His daughter is in shakur's place.
That money is in thief's place.

Why didn't you tell me
these matters before? Hiding this from you,
is good, sir. Ifwe tell you, you will ask for a share.
shakur will take your family members. Hewill take your son. Hewill join your son & his
daughter in afilm & flash it in lnternet. Peoplewill watch that
film and will become bored. Call the commissioner to
my chamber immediately What were you doing, when the robbery
took place at home minister's house? We've arrested that thief.

Get the information
where he is keeping the money. He's prepared to die. But hewon't
tell wherethe money is, sir. Interrogations too
are over, sir. sir! That thief and his daughter
are in love. If he make his daughter marrythat
thief, that money will come out. What are you talking? Asking me
to give my daughter to athief? We are old. He's too young.
We should not be in a haste. Try seriously.
Yes, sir. sir! Why is he so arrogant
in front of you? Money is not greater than love.
Money will go now & come later. If I don't give that money…? -Please
just think about his daughter's future. Did you feel?
I didn't feel, when I killed. But I suffered a lot financially,
when you stole the money. Why should I bother
about other's daughter? Did you see? He's become dull
like he got current shock. You love his daughter. just tell mewherethe money is.
I will keep it a secret. If I tell that… Hewill hand over the money
& get back his daughter.

They will use that money
to makeweapons. They will do terrorism
with that. Is this necessary?
It's a sheer waste. That's what I told. He doesn't have
any feeling for us. Hewon't be convinced
ifwe don't give him drinks. shakur… You must give me my money,
you seized from my man, you arrested. Or guess your
daughter's position… Don't you know
how notorious, I'm. shakur! Don't harm
my daughter. Please… sir! Let me speak
with him. Please give me. Tell me, commissioner. We can
arrange your money easily. You are in a different place. We need minimum 30 days to organize all the political leaders for that. Give the phoneto minister.

I'll give exactly 30 days time. Ifyou don't fulfill
my demands, …you collect your daughter's dead body
on the 31st day at Hyderabad airport. I start your daughter's count
down from this minute. 30 days time. Manythings
may happen in that time. Why? This girl can even settle
there marrying that culprit. What is hetelling? I'll kill that
rascal. Control yourself, sir. If you want to get back your
daughter alive, he is the only helper. He? I'm the home minister. Police & armytoo will
come here to help me. He's just a kid. Yes, he is just a kid… But we need a criminal
to arrest another criminal. justthink. He brought your money out
very easilywith all the security you had. Know his talent by that atleast. If you
want to get back your daughter alive… He is the onlywarrior.
He is the only one. He can do it. Details about shakur are here
in this file.

-Details are in my mind. Mine is less luggage
& more comfort. Don't keep this file in watertank.
It'll be damaged. -Listen to him, sir. Your youthful is too fast
like the train. My affection is like jail. You'll not
get bail for it. File my beautiful features. Your body parts are
sparkling like crackers. My heart beatings
have increased suddenly. Your beauty has
defeated me. I got a beautiful girl
as my life partner. I got a handsome and efficient
boy as my life partner. Your youthful is too fast
like the train. My affection is like jail. You'll not
get bail for it. File my beautiful features. Your back is beautiful.
It is killing me. If you wear sari with flower
designs, it will be good. There's secret pleasures in my body.
You must have guts to touch me. I feel shy like North
and south lndian girls. Don't act foolish.
I will fall on you suddenly.

I got a handsome and efficient
boy as my life partner. Your youthful is too
fast likethetrain. Your youthfulness is too
crispy. It attracts me. Your colorful body
shape makes me mad. There's activeness in your
age. It attracts me. My beautywill spoil
your deep sleep. I can't stop my lovewaves.
so I will steal your heart. I got a beautiful girl
as my life partner. I got a handsome and efficient
boy as my life partner. Let's go. Come.
sir! stop him. Why? He's too dangerous than mafia gang.
He'll increase your daughter's weight. It's good. she'll become fat.
It's not her health. I mean pregnancy. My daughter will never
change her decision. You don't know
what you'retalking. We are mafia gang. Your dad had
promised that he'd fulfill our demands.

I promised him that I'd take
care of you. If I fail in this… This girl's age is 16.
Her hair is loose hair. I don't have
another incarnation. I know Telugu. -I learned Telugu in Andhra
university & did research in Telugu. You know Mani sharma?
What sharma? Her back has become shapely bytaking
Andhra food while learning Telugu. My age is too less than you… Is he a boy? No… I didn't come
to Dubai forthis. Are you from lndia? You thief! Rascal! Idiot! I am from lndia.
Why did you lie, then? Why are you talking
in Telugu now? From where in lndia?
Hyderabad… Not that, man. From Andhra?
How did you find? I've found by your
shirt sticker. He gave me saying that it was
Peter England. I must beat him. What's your name? From
where are you? What are you? I'm shiva.

Why I came here is…
Let's talk whiletaking food at home. Is your home nearer? Not my home. Your home.
My home…? You shut…
I understood. Where are you? why shouting?
I'll beat you. Who's this boy?
Greetings. You didn'ttell me about
your handsome brother. We missed him in a festival
in his childhood. I found him
& brought him here. Don't listen to his words. You can ask
me anything without hesitation. Veg or non-veg? -Veg till now.
Non-veg from now on. Go inside & bring juice. Do you know, what I'll do in anger?
You'll hurt my back. Is that your story?
You get inside, dear. I told, no? He's scored
century. Look… Bhai! Wiicket has fallen.
Want to tell the rate? What did you tell before? Tell 60-40. Greetings. What's the rate? 60-40.
Place 2 lakhs on lndia side.

Cricket betting. I had a bet.
Iflndiawins, I'll get money. Will you get money correctly? I had
betted with mafia dawn shakur Ahamad. Ifwewin, theywill give us
the money completely. Ifyou fail, theywill come,
get my money & kill me. Greetings. What's the rate? O.k. place 1 crore
on Bangladesh. Big amount? Why do you
bother? If I win, you bring. Wewill knowwho is thewinner
at the end. Is it confirmed? -Fix it. Bangladesh has lost. O.k…?
I betted on lndia, brother. You only had bet for 1 crore
on Bangladesh. Me…? Then is it me?
Keep the money ready. Understand…? If you fail,
-I'll get killed. I don't know you
& why you came. I don't know why you've
put me in this mess. But I know onething,
why you've come.

I'll save her. I did that
for Bhama ma'am. How do you know her?
I'll givethe details. I'll miss lndia flight. Go to lndia
& enquire Bhama ma'am. You get lost. I won't go anywhere.
They'll come & kill you. I played the betting
onlyto meet them. Why?
-To join in their group… I knew that you
wanted to meet me, …when you placed 1 crore
bet in the last over. Tell me now, why you
wanted to meet me? Want meto make you tell?
Look yourself. I've seen fear in many, but I've
never seen such a confidence… …in anyone like you in my 30 years
lnternational mafia career. I see that in you for the 1 st time.
I think deeply even for small matters. People, who don't fear me
should not be alive. Power has no discrimination among
people. Ifl give supply, you'll become ash.

I'm a great don. You've beaten me.
It means you are in lovewith her. You are safe here,
but there…? How did you forget
your stomach pain? Ifyou don't miss logic,
I too won't miss. You'll think deep for silly matters too.
I think a little for big matters too. Can you give her passport
or wantto die? shall I startthe game? Can you run fast? shiva…
What? Ask me why I slapped
you on that day. You said I am beautiful.
I didn't like that reply. You asked me another chance.
Tell me now, shiva. What's your answer?
Answer or decision…? Ifl think sitting, why I like you,
my moneywill be over. I'll become old. Then I'll have
to prayto God atthattime. Didn't you come for me, then? I came here because your dad fell on
my feet & begged me to rescue you.

I'll hand over you to your dad, marry
a beautiful girl & enjoy my life happily. I'll eat peacefully & sleep. -Won't you
have any other job except that? This is also a great job.
seeing your face is a sin. Will you see only beauty?
Won't you see girl's heart? I'll see, ifyou show.
show me… You've come here
because ofmy dad. Not for me. There's nothing in
between us from this minute. Take me safely to lndia.
That's your duty. I also told the same.
This is your contract? Bring this bag. I've cometo take you only,
not your bag. It is not in my contract. Where did he go with her?
He'd go to airport to go to lndia. They must go to Muscat
airport for that. It's very difficult to reach Muscat
in 48 degree centigrade… …through the desert
for 700 miles. Impossible, sir. He made impossible event
as possible by attacking me. Do you have money?
Why? Purchased these…?
You pay for it.

No cash. Then why did you buy?
No cash. But I have card. You've stolen from a big shot.
First sign the copy. Why should I sign?
Because the card is yours. You've paid the bill using
my card? I won't sign. If you don't sign,
he will take you. You're arrogant. We'veto travel 700 kms. to the airport.
We'll travel for a week or many days. I purchased these for that.
Don't think unnecessarily. 700 kms. for airport?
It won't be more than 10 kms. Don't try to cheat me. some
bad thought is there in your mind. Don't think it's possible.

What, man?
sir! That girl is behind you. Teasing me? That girl & the boy
are behind you only, sir. That boy has taken her just now.
They must be here only, then. Find them & kill them straight. Do you understand, why I asked
you to go for another airport? But I didn't like your behavior. What did I do?
You only did it. I ask what did I do.
You kissed me.

You only kissed me.
Me? Yes. You only injured my lips
in that weak moment. If I had not comethere, they
might have made you into pieces. Krishnaveni! Your lips are o.k,
but lipstick only is duplicate. strawberry flavor it seems.
Change yourflavor. Oh God. You're very slow. I don't understand anything. Are you Telugu people?
Yes, sir. Why didn't you tell me, then? Do you know this?
He's sadam Hussain. He's my friend. But Bush executed
him because ofjealous. I'll show you another photo. Do you know who is this?
Bin Laden. He's my close friend. We both used to sleep together.
In the same bed…? We used to sleep in his room.

Bush killed Bin Laden also. I understand such
international terrorism too. I don't understand your problem.
You kissed her. But she feels bad. What's the problem between
you both? just tell me. Are you scared? I won't harm
those, who fear seeing me. You have lClCl bank money.
Give methat. Or bullet, which I have
for Bush, will kill you. No, sir. Tell me now.
Do you know driving? Do you know, sir? what, man?
Teasing me…? What does it mean, sir? Hold this.

I'll tell you. Zimbave
means fearing to do a thing. I fear to drive. It's your name, isn't it? My name is Kasai.
Kasai…? Is my name good? Did sadam Hussain gave you that name?
Why do you bother about it? Is it nice or not? I am getting
afraid to tell that, am I not? she's the lady Zimbave. Is she a support for you?
Bush's bullet will get blasted. -No, sir. Do you know driving?
Come and drive. Newly married couplewill
go to switzerland or Ooty. Why here? Did he seethe
Atlas to bring you here? He just kissed you. Can you
scold your hubby for that? Hubby…? Is he not your
hubby? Lovers…? No…? Friends…? Not friends
too…? just friends… Oh God! They aretoo bad. Why did you stop
suddenly, man? My drink… Here it is. Where's my drink?
I onlyfinished it, man. Bush's bullet will kill you. Why? Ifl talk too much, Bin Laden
& Hussain will also kill metogether. Nicewind. Boy is driving verywell.
I can rest happily in his driving. Where arethey?
Where is my car? silent lovers are sleeping
very decently.

He's taken drinks. I won't get
down here. Let mewake him up. Do you people want anything to drink?
A strong tea. for you…? A Horlicks. Thank you, sir.
You bloody. Get down. Do you scold me in front of me?
When did I scold you, sir? Didn't you scold me? you act
very well. Don't you know anything? No, sir. But Zimbave means… No, sir. -Were you sleeping in
the car leaving me outside? Ifwe sleep outside, snakewill
bite us. Won't that bite me? How can it bite you, when you
have a bullet for Bush? You both know that matter. How could the snake
know that? Look here.
Where are you looking? What are you doing, man? What is the hurry?
Where do you go, man? Who are those people?
Why are they chasing us? Brother! I thought you were
a don seeing your photo. But I understand you
by your screams. Your Bush bullets too are over.
Your car also had gone into the sand. I am very sorry, brother.
Please leave me, brother.

What did you say? Yes Krishnaveni. Bush has sent people
to kill, who has link with Laden. Is it so? Wiill wetoo die, then? A dog
too will die if it is there with him. Come. Let's go leaving him. Brother! Is there any link for your
action & this timid drama now? Is there any link to that Album and
your timid behavior? -No, brother. You showed your anger face.
But I've shown you my real face. I've forgotten.
What's this? This is my original
get up, nice? I'm Kathipodi sai Prasad.
From Andra Pradesh. A driver… Is it true? shiva! Hewas like lndian
timid man just before. But he looks as Universal
timid in this get up. Have you too found it? Why did
Bush attack on such atimid man? He might have shown him the Album.
I never had shown him my Album. We can escape from heart attack too.
But not from Bush's attack. -ls it? I've created an album as I didn't get
revenue & passengers for my car.

I got trapped in my net. My car
too had becomeworst there. Ifl go now, my owner will beat
me asking about the car. If I stay here, Bush will
kill me here itself. Brother! Can you both
take me to lndia? Ifwetake you, We'd have jog
from here. You don't agree, shiva. Brother! Convincethat
girl to take meto lndia. O.k. Let him come.
He can bring our luggage. What? -I can't even walk
without water. I'm thirsty. Do something. You give a coke tin.
Coke tin…? It's over, brother. When did you drink? I drank
and completed yesterday in kick. No. seethe bag. Doubting me…?
Have a look, then. I'm going piss. They are not
friends or even lovers. If I am there in between them,
I'll become tired. Has it opened? Look. Bodywater has got evaporated.
How did it springs for you alone? Nurse cautioned me about
my pissing problem. That is because of your habit. You girl! Throw that tin ifit is
empty. Your love is coke love.

I understood what is there between
you two. -What's there in between us? Love is there. He is there near us.
Don't pollute his mind unnecessarily. In my difficultythis luggage also…
I can't even bear mytiredness. Krishna…
I can't stand this tiredness. If I don't drink water,
definitely I will die. You shut up. I can see a thing.
What can you see? He's leaving alone. What did
he see in this lonely place? Come fast. Our time is good. I forgot myselfin the
happiness offinding thattent. I understood, You found
the tent.

I'll get the water. I will slap you. What did you ask?
I asked about the way. Ifhe doesn't understand,
you'll die. He's understood. I need water. Is
water available here? I'll give. What's this? why did you give me
beer, when I asked you water? Drink if you want. Or leave it.
You decide yourself. You drink it politely and apply
in your forehead too. How she is going to drink? It's like holy water. she's
drunk the beer completely.

Why do you look at me like that?
I hate boys. -You hate boys…? Not you, me…
I hate boys, okay? You like boys. You…? Everybody
like boys. No confusion. What will boys see in girls?
-Beauty. You keep quiet, man. something is there deeply.
What's that? -A sort ofvegetable. I beg you. I will tell her.
Heart… What? Heart…. Boys should see the heart. What
about you? I will seethe heart only. What happened? Everything is over.
I must get settled with them.

Are you mad, Tenkai? Not Tenkai?
I'm Zimbave. What? Zimbave… I want one more beer. You drink it. Go there. I hate boys.
You tell thetruth. Come here. Hug me.
If you want, kiss me. You have me on you,
dear. Come. Come here. Keep your hands on my hair.
Have fun with me. Come, dear. Why do you act like a monk
in front ofme? I believe your love. You've come hereto save me.
But you don't accept it. Come here. Hug me.
If you want, kiss me. You have me on you,
dear. Come. Come here. Keep your hands on my
hair. Have fun with me. Come, dear. I feel shywhenever you come near
me. When will we becomethree? Give me a solution for
this love problem, man. My beauty is like a grinder. I'll grind
you. Come & steal me secretly. This holy water is very good.
I got kick because ofthis. Come to solve
my problems, man. I know that you have some
more beer. I knew this already. My man! Tryto fall
in love with me. You'rethere in my heart.
I don't lie to you. Give me a kiss now itself.

My body is there for you only.
Your manliness is for me. Listen to mywishes. Bring your love out from
your heart. Don't kill me. Come to shower your love
on me, man. Cometo have pleasure
with me, man. Who is that?
What happened? Why did you change my dress,
when I was drunk? That… Why do you look at me?
Tell her about the night matter. We haveto convince her.
Why? What happened really? Tell mewithout making
metensed. That is… asking about night matter
or present matter…? Now…? What is going
to happen now? This will happen. Look there once. Who has locked me? Who did this? How did
we come in this vehicle? Asking me tell that? Tell. Really…?
Don't build up, tell quickly. Your Bush people have
caught the 3 ofus. Please do something.
Want meto do something…? That girl is requesting you.
Do something.

Do something for the girl. What are you doing? You get
romantic mood even in this tension… …you're not a normal person.
-It's not the mood. Idea. You became careless as they
were in kick. They had escaped. Make a hole
in my forehead. If you fear to kill me in this comfortable
situation too, you won't get them. They had escaped from you.
I know well about my strength. They showed what is
your strength. They brought me down
from this business. First time this
business is closed. We have to catch them. Hello Minister! You cleared
me athing forthe 1st time. I understood about lndia's
strong men when I saw him. I will call you
after killing him. I'll… Your daughter… No shakur! Please don't do
anything to my daughter.

Look. I'll release your gang from our government. I'll get you compensation from
government. I'll get you Rs.5000 crores. Don't do anything
to my daughter. What do you mean? You doubt
that I havethat money. I looted that money from you. But that
guy stole your money from me. He only knows about that money.
I don't carewhatever you do to him. You are also like normal man.
You need only money & beautiful girl. You don't care about me. I wanted to see
honesty in you even ifyou're athief. But you want
to see me naked. What's the difference between
you and an animal, then? Are you a human being? Tell me. -Why do you shout
because you're a beauty…? I've seen many beautiful girls
through these eyes. Are you more beautiful
than those girls? Or is your structure
is too good than them? I didn't like even them.

I fixed you for me in my mind. I must punish myself for that. I thought of saving you from this snake
only. I didn'tthink of anything else. But have onething
in your mind. I'm the onlywell wisher
of you in this world. What happened has happened.
Taking you to lndia is my duty. After that we both are strangers.
Believing me or not is your choice. I was waiting till now
for this answer only. Do you know what is there
between us? I don't know.

I was
starving to know that only. There's a sort of feeling in between us. What's that? Oh Lord Anjaneya! This girl
has got vibrated by my love. she has spoiled my
bachelor fasting now. Can you sight me secretly?
Can you get my beauty slowly? Your beauty is too good.
It will be good, if you expose it. Giving place to your boy
friend in your heart is good. Oh boy! I am waiting
for your arrival only. Oh Lord Anjaneya! This girl
has got vibrated by my love. Your body gives good
fragrance like flowers. Great perfume also is not
equal for your beauty. Thieves too will admire
seeing my forehead beauty. If my hands fall on them,
they will leave their soul. Oh girl! Your body is too
spicy like salt and pepper. You have to taste it
properly, man. Your words are too sweet,
my little girl. I will sing a duet song.
Cometo dancewith me. Oh boy! I am waiting
for your arrival only. Oh Lord Anjaneya! This girl
has got vibrated by my love. Your beauty is spicy. I hear alarm sound
in mewhile seeing your structure.

He is impressing me
holding my hands. You gave your music of love
in me blowing trumpets. Your love is equal to bumper
offer. I've got it now. Your structure gives me pleasure.
It is sweet in my heart. I will arrest you and take
you in a small box, girl Oh boy! I am waiting
for your arrival only. Brother! If there is petrol without
water, what will be our condition? What will come from petrol?
-Fire. We both will be married
in front of that fire. Isn't there love between
you two to get married? Love was there & here even before.
I will get heart attack because of you. Zimbave is a pity. shall we
tell him the truth? Nothing. Bush's people
didn't attack us. Then? shakur Ahmed's people.
He is too dangerous.

He's not my friend or enemy. Why did
he attack me? He didn't attack you. On us. On you both…?
Why? nothing, man. He kidnapped her. I rescued her
cheating them. Understand…? I got confused totally. My mind
has become blank now. Let me get inside and check
for water. Be here. Go & see. Why do you beat me? I check your
consciousness. I'm in conscious. Come fast, man. Needle too had not hurt
my body until now. You've attacked me, man. Where's the looted money? You'll kill mewhether
I tell or not. I can only tell you
wherethe money is. You can't even
scratch her body.

Because you won't get
Government money. If you forget this silly logic, you can't
even become a school leader. The same confidence in your eyes.
How can I bring fear in your eyes? You are in love with her. see what
I will do to her now. Give her to me. Your dad is sending my people
and my money to me. You should go.
But you won't go. Because he died taking
risk for you only. There's something
special in you.

If he had been in this place,
your head would have got blasted. My stamina has increased
by roaming with him. If anybody has guts, take up
the challenge of running 4 kms. If you're brave men, come. Do you wonder
how I came alive…? Brother! Your bullet is in me. Your death is
in front ofyour eyes. I know of your energy. Your heart is totallyweak. How is the confidence
in your eyes still? Don't show death unnecessarily.
But I will show the death to you.

Shall we go?
Come back with us. Baby! How are you? You've saved our life.
I'm proud of you. Who is he? I knew that he only
could bring my daughter alive. Don't lie. You told how
he would bring her. shut up. You saved my daughter. Very happy.
If you tell the money's place… Which money, father-in-law? sir! He forgot that you're a minister,
since he love your daughter. If you becometogether, your
financial matter also will be solved. Why should I have
relationship with him? For my bringing your daughter,
then who would have brought her? No…

Nobody. Make him your son-in-law
using your influence. Arrest him.
-Me…? Arrest me…? sir! Didn't you
tell him about my stamina? We both have 4 kms. stamina.
Then run away..

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