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all right i am christina l turner king maker and   welcome to my youtube channel i do apologize for 
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yada but today is tuesday and i am happy because i   am with you and if this is the first time you have 
ever been on my youtube channel let me just tell   you a little bit myself i am an entrepreneur yes i 
am i have an event planning company i also have a   tax company and consulting company whereas i help 
entrepreneurs just like you who are just like me   in need of funding in need of consulting for 
their business to take it to the next level   and i love what i do so let me tell you guys 
i missed coming on here tuesday but i was in   so much pain last week i really could not keep my 
knee bended so there is some progress i can sit in   the chair and keep in mind instead of just having 
it extended a little bit so i'm very very happy   about that yes i love feeling good okay i love 
feeling good because i believe when you feel good   you do good you treat people right um and also it 
opens up the windows of opportunities for you to   have the flow of money come in and all the other 
good stuff love and all of that so i'm feeling   really good today um today gonna be a long day we 
have a lot of information one of the things i do   want to talk about is scholarships today um i know 
there's a lot of people who are transitioning to   their secondary level of education what i mean by 
that is after high school you're going to college   um so i do have some scholarship um information 
and before i even get started with that there's   a few housekeeping things that i do want to talk 
about and one of them is commenting i want you   guys to comment but again comment with some uh how 
can i put it with some sense comment with sense   you know don't don't don't come on here i had i 
have someone that commented on one of my videos   and they are wrote in spanish as if i didn't 
know how to interpret and write back in spanish   so yes um one of the things that i am here for 
is to help you to give you the latest and updated   uh most updated information on grants that are 
out there that give you at least a week or more to   apply for these particular grants and if you have 
your paperwork in order and if you have the time   to sit down and apply for these grants then 
this is a great informational tool for you   but if this is not something for you you could 
schedule and you can look at another youtuber   um which i don't even consider myself a youtuber 
because i don't have enough followers to consider   myself a youtuber i'm not making any money off 
of this i'm not trying to make any money all i'm   trying to do is help our community and to give 
information that is going to be beneficial for   you and if you're in business in your business 
that is all i'm not trying to be you know   all that or the guru and all that in other areas 
i'm the guru in okay but being on youtube and   giving information is something that i love 
to do because i love to help but i will not   take disrespect on my page you will be asking 
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to say this in the most congenial way is please   don't play on my page don't play on my youtube 
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back okay so um just be careful on what you   put on my page okay so let's get our energy 
back and i have a lot of information for you   and when i say it's a lot babies it's a lot so 
before i get started maybe it's a good time for   you to go get a snack maybe go get some popcorn um 
some agua because i got some warm water right here some warm water in my cup when i'm cooled off 
and uh to keep my my throat from being dry   um i want to give a shout out to mr kwame y'all 
shout out to mr kwame listen he is my angel   he works in the background he you know well i 
love to give him clout and to give him praise   i appreciate you mr kwame sending hugs and kisses 
to you and yes we will be talking later on today   so i'm looking forward to our conversation and 
let's get started where the money is where the   money is yes yes okay so this is going to be 
and i'm going to start with um scholarships for   for students okay school scholarships and let 
me tell you um um when my son was in high school   he he was able to get a scholarship even 
though he opted out of going to that particular   college um he opted out okay scholarships are 
so important when you have children who want to   go to college where you want your children 
to go to college and you don't have to pay   the out-of-pocket expenses because it is way more 
expensive now to go to college than it was when i   went to college and when i went to college was way 
more expensive than when my dad went to college   and so it is um it is a great feat to 
do but one of the things that you do not   want to do is you don't want to start your kids 
going to college and they're going to be in debt   okay scholarships are the way to go i 
have a friend um a colleague who i when i   finally worked at my degree uh one time uh who 
actually went through college her uh four year   her to get her master's and her doctorate she 
she went to college and didn't pay one dime so   her entire collegiate journey was free she applied 
for the scholarships and she literally said there   is money out there just that a lot of people don't 
want to apply for it or look for it but there   isn't and there is plenty of money out there which 
is why i thank mr kwame because he is he's about   education a helping community just like i am and 
so let's get started okay so i hope you went and   got your water and your in your your snacks your 
popcorn whatever if you're not even on here live   but you're going to be looking at this 
later you're going to need it because   this is a lot of information all right okay so 
the joshua david gardner memorial scholarship   this is two thousand dollars and this is for 
black students ages 17 to 25 okay 2 000 and   this scholarship is open towards let me open this 
right quick and see if i can expand this a little   bit because i can't see when the scholarship 
closes um the deadline is oh here it is right   right here uh the deadline to apply for the 
scholarship is april the 30th okay um april the   30th on that particular scholarship and i am going 
to see do we have yes i do have a link on here   um so uh black students they are uh 
awarded this particular scholarship and   um you must have a gpa of 2.8 i'm having a 
hot slash um you must have a gpa of 2.8 and   a uh i can't read this hold 
on juan may what did you do let me just click this link see if i can 
open it up i'm going to open this up okay   so here's the eligibility criteria all 
right so you have to have a gpa of 3.0   not 2.8 so a 3.0 the average gpa to 4.0 um 
your transcripts you have to have official   transcripts for your high school or accredited 
four-year college or university the student   must be seeking a bachelor's degree 
from an accredited institution and be   time okay so uh three letters of references you 
have to have that you must do a 500 word essay on   the topic what is the importance of participating 
in political and social change processes interesting that's an interesting topic 
um complete the application um there's no   major particular field of study in order to be 
a participant for this particular scholarship um   the funds have to be used for the tuition fees of 
school fees and of books and the scholarships are   not renewable um there's going to be at least two 
one time two thousand dollar scholarships and they   only do this annually uh applications they started 
accepting them they're accepting them all the way   up to uh april the 30th the selected awardees 
will be notified in writing by may 31st and the   awards will be just uh distributed directly to 
the institution okay so that is for the joshua   david gardner scholarship the next scholarship 
is a no b4 scholarship for black american   that are interested in cyber security now this 
is a ten thousand dollar scholarship and for this   one um uh no before scholarship it is centered 
around uh cyber security as i mentioned before and the applications they they are open and 
they're going to close this monday so you have   six days to apply for this particular scholarship 
they will notify you in june okay and when i put   the link below for these particular scholarships 
you want to get in now some of these scholarships   that we that we have um they have been out 
there but we weren't so much centered around   um making about education for scholarship for 
kids and now that um during this season normally   parents start applying for scholarships in the 
beginning of the year january and since this   is the second quarter i just want to make sure 
that i do some dedicated time for scholarships   because it has been asked of us to do that 
so um so we have it available for you now   this is the eligibility for this particular 
scholarship you must be black or african-american   in regard to race you must have an individual 
pursuing or plan to pursue a degree which focuses   on cyber security or information assurance um 
undergraduate a freshman sophomore junior or   senior or a graduate student okay so you can be 
a graduate student that uh of 2022 your gpa must   be a 3.2 on the scale of a 4.0 okay 4.0 you must 
be a us citizen or permanent resident attending   the campus or online study so you can either be 
on campus or studying online to get your degree   must be attending to college in the united states 
if the water the funds will be sent to the school   with instructions that it will be applied to your 
tuition fees books electronics and up to three   thousand dollars up to three thousand dollars for 
on campus housing and those um i had a colleague   who son was on i'm going to college and think 
he's still in college i'm sure um and the being   on school to pay for that school on campus fees to 
live in housing is very very pricey um awards are   not paid to the scholarship recipient and if you 
are being considered for the award and agree to a   short video so they want to get a short video for 
you and have an interview with know before uh you   must have camera cap capability for this zoom 
meeting via your computer a tablet or on your   phone um what will you need you need you can 
submit unofficial transcripts from your current   or most recent educational institution so if 
awarded no funds again they said this again no   funds will be just divert dispersed um until your 
official transcripts is received so you can start   the process with the unofficial transcript 
but you won't get awarded the funds unless   they have the official transcripts okay so they 
need a letter recommendation uh recommendation   outlining the following how long have you been 
the applicant and um how how long have that person   your letter of recommendation has has to 
indicate how long has that person known you okay   what skills and abilities does you as 
an applicant have that will support   um them and complete a degree so if someone if 
i'm writing a a letter recommendation to any   of my any student okay i need to also have in that 
letter recommendation all the skills and abilities   that i will provide to make sure that that student 
finished completes their degree and then any other   information that should be taken about you 
as the applicant so when so those who are   submitting letters a recommendation you need 
to indicate how long you've known that student   what are you going to do to help them finish 
their four-year degree or graduate degree and   um and what other information needs to be taken 
into consideration you need to have a resume with   no more than three pages you need to have an essay 
okay that is filled out within the application   um your essay questions to be fill out 
the applications is going to ask you   describe your personal educational background and 
accomplishments tell them how this scholarship   will be um will make a difference for you being in 
the cyber um security career path and what would   receive the scholarship mean to you um and go 
beyond you know like um you know me to me because   i don't have to pay for school you know like be 
creative in how that's gonna work for you okay   uh why are you interested in cyber security and 
what are your prefer your professional aspirations   describe your contributions or involvement in 
the cyber security field like volunteer work like   have you ever have you done this already have you 
you know dabbled a little bit like as a volunteer   um have you read any articles have you been any 
conferences chapters books podcasts youtube but   they said do not include the links to though 
to that what makes you the best candidate   to receive this particular scholarship describe 
what makes you stand out from your peers   please tell them anything else that you 
would like them to know for your level of   consideration so that you can be honored this 
scholarship award okay um you can go ahead   and um this is their scoring criteria and i know 
people be like what are they actually looking for   one they are looking for your passion of being in 
cyber security they're looking for the passion in   that so you need to you need to write with 
conviction um merit and your financial needs   so those are the three scoring criterias 
uh they do not give the scoring criteria   uh like one to ten or anything like that but 
those are some of the things that they are   looking for okay so that scholarship is 
for ten thousand dollars and is no before   scholarship for black americans and cyber security 
okay so here's another scholarship this is called   lead lead scholarship and this one is for five 
thousand dollars and this particular scholarship   um i think i talked about the lead foundation 
before for entrepreneurs now they also have a   scholarship for students okay so for to continue 
your education and um they provide resources um   and all a plethora of different things and again 
i will put that information um in sorry in the um   down down below okay when when i get done uh once 
um youtube sometimes it takes youtube a minute to   calibrate our videos it just takes a while um 
after we do a live it just takes a minute for   them to show up and the information to be on there 
um because certain things i can't put up so anyway   that's for it uh the lee scholarship offers a 
one-time okay it's a one-time financial award   of varying amounts to students of african descent 
in their senior year of high school so if you have   seniors in high school this may be a scholarship 
that you may be interested in applying for   the number of awards distributing awarded amount 
varies each year so this is not a consistent award   so maybe next year maybe a different amount 
um scholarship awards can vary and can reach   a maximum up to five thousand dollars actual 
scholarship amounts are based upon fundraising   totals for the year so um immediate family 
members of lead members for merck employees   are not eligible due to the non-profit charitable 
501 c 3 status and of the lee scholarship fund   incorporated so here is the criteria for 
the lee scholarship one you must be a legal   resident of the united states of america you 
must be african-american as student completing   your senior year high school and students 
currently attending college universities   are ineligible so you must be a senior if you're 
already attending college you're not um you're   not eligible for this particular scholarship 
you must be um you must be planning to attend   a accredited two year or four-year college so a 
two-year college or four-year university provide   evidence of scholarly achievements and extensive 
community service you have need to have a gpa of b   or higher so you cannot be a c student but a b or 
higher strong communication skills both written   oral and in an interview setting demonstrate 
financial needs candidates are required to share   their fa fsa and supporting information during 
application and this particular scholarship is   open to all studies okay so with that um you have 
until oh my goodness with this one you have three   days you have absolutely three days to uh submit 
your application applications submitted outside   of this period would not be processed so um you 
want to complete the email uh complete and email   the application and supporting documentation 
um so you have until april 15th at 11 59.   the scholarship selection committee reviews all 
applications and nominations the top candidate for   interviews the selected candidates are interviewed 
in person or over the phone with scholarship   selected committees and and this is something i 
want to say to to those uh that are not adults   um in college but those are students when someone 
is interviewing you either video or over the phone   make sure that you are in a location that is not 
disturbed so in a quiet undisturbed location so   that not only that you can um you won't have like 
all that tension with a lot of background noise   try to do that as well you have to go sit in 
the car and get it done get it done so that you   can focus you can hear the questions that they 
are asking you and that you can focus on giving   a a authentic answer without the stress of any 
anxiety or anything like that and you know just   make sure that you're you know that everything 
there's no distractions okay so when you're doing   these interviews um the final candidates will 
be selected the scholarship recipients will be   honored and required to attend to attend their 
annual scholarship foundation awards banquet   food um scholarship funds are dispersed 
after the scholarship recipients provide   to the foundation proof of satisfactory academic 
progress in their college of their freshman year   so again you have until april 15th so i'm 
definitely gonna if you cannot wait until   i put the link um below later on today then um 
here again is the name it is called lead led   scholarship fund here and that scholarship is 
for uh five thousand dollars okay so another   scholarship school scholarship is called the moss 
adams scholarship okay the moss adams scholarship   this is a undergraduate uh scholarship and is 
for these these areas women in transition okay   women in need um those that are um interested in 
um working in a bachelor's degree of accounting   uh so i'm just going to briefly read 
this in regard to women in transition   this scholarship is designed for a woman who is 
in the primary source of support of her family   and is enrolling as an incoming freshman to earn 
a bachelor's degree in accounting it is awarded   up to sixteen thousand dollars okay um over four 
year period as determined by the board of trustees   and will be renewed annually upon completion of 
satisfactory course as evidence with a 3.0 so   those moms out there who who um have thought about 
oh i need you know i want to go back to school   to get another to get a degree or get another 
degree or yeah and it kind of finances you know   life life happens and you don't have 
the the the financial resource for it and you want to go into accounting this is it 
so this is the education foundation for women   going into accounting um let me see what are some 
of the other um and with on this particular page   um for women in need the scholarship is awarded 
who is the primary support for her family and is   completing her sophomore year that's the second 
scholarship um in pursuing a bachelor's degree in   accounting they're gonna award you uh two thousand 
dollars per year for two years and it will be a   renewable scholarship that as long as you have 
the coursework and with the evidence of a 3.0   gps okay there is another one institute of 
management accountants ima which is the ima   is funding two-year undergraduate scholarships 
in the amount of 2000 for each woman who are   working towards a bachelor's degree in 
a county in addition to the cash award   okay for this is for the institute of management 
accountants uh they're going to be giving you   a complimentary one-year membership to the ima 
which is 39 a year the cma exam interest fee   which costs 250 dollars as well as the 
exam registration fee which is 415.

And   the cma exam interest and registration fee have a 
two-year limit and it's non-transferable so um in   other words you have up to two years to take that 
exam the ronald j b o'leary memorial which is in   uh the seattle chapter of the afwa a one-year 
scholarship for an amount of the two thousand   dollars will be awarded to an undergraduate or 
graduate student attending an accredited school   within the state of washington okay now washington 
dc the state of washington who's earning a degree   in the county so these are accounting scholarships 
and for women to be in college because um um i   back in the day um more so men were into 
accounting men were into banking the accounting   you know women back in the day we were teachers 
and mommies and nurses and things like that but   you know there is a shift you know there there's 
been a shift women are becoming um more prolific   in finances and um studies have shown that 
we are better with money i just want to say   some of us i'm just saying uh the moss adams 
foundation this um annual scholarship in the   amount of a thousand dollars for women who wants 
who want to earn a bachelor's degree in accounting   is available for minority women 
or women returning to school   as a current re-entry for as a junior or 
senior or women pursuing their fifth year   requirement through either general studies or 
within a graduate uh program okay so here is the   criteria to apply for any of these scholarships 
that i mentioned and i'm going to have the link   down place below is that you must be a female 
within the united states citizen united states   you must be attending an accredited u.s school 
pursuing an accounting degree you must commit   okay to the goal of pursuing that particular 
degree in accounting in preparation for career as   an accounting or finance professional including 
evidence of continued commitment to this goal   after receiving the award you must also 
demonstrate aptitude in accounting and business as   evidenced by prior coursework or work experience 
clear evidence that goals and a plan for achieving   these goals both personal and professional have 
been established you must have a financial need   and the scholarship recipients will 
be selected by june the 30th okay   i think that's a good scholarship um i'm um one of 
the people that um gives students opportunities to   um do their internships with my with either 
of my companies um i am definitely going to   open up an internship for those that are 
going to be accounting especially you know   during you know tax season you know tax season 
for us is all year round i know taxes are for   other people are not they close their office 
after april um but we are continuously open   all year round and we have other things that 
need to be done you know like bookkeeping for   small businesses and things like that 
so yeah if you're going for accounting   and you need an internship you're 
trying to get your accounting degree   you you know i'll put it out there on the 
internship website and what you can do is um   apply for uh internship with c turner tax 
services so that's just a f you know fyi   that we're available and again you have to be 
in college to do that and we do i do have some   paid uh scholarship uh internships um yes paid 
internships for some of my um interns um i do   provide a stipend so um yeah so here's another one 
sword's a success accounting scholarship you must   be enrolled full-time in a qualifying bachelor's 
or master's program with a gpa of 3.0 um and you   must have one or more letters of recommendation 
you must show commitment to a county uh   that this is something that you want to do not 
get the scholarship and then you change your major   and say okay that's i don't want to do accounting 
anymore because accounting is is is a is a   challenge um it is not um it's it's not that easy 
you need to know how to navigate certain certain   things certain numbers um so they are accepting 
it to for the school year in the fall of 2022   if you're undergraduate or a graduate student 
you can apply who can apply again you must be a   u.s citizen you must be enrolled full-time um 
letters of recommendation the scholarship must be   applied towards the cost of the tuition and in the 
event the student school requires the scholarships   to be remitted directly to the school they will 
send your scholarship directly to the school and   the amount for that i do not have it 
what the amount is um students of colors   can be asian american indian alaskan 
of course african um and you can um you're able to apply for this particular 
scholarship so this is for um minorities   um that are into um accounting and wanting to get 
into accounting and need uh financial assistance   for that now there is a scholarship called the 
emma bowen foundation scholarship um emma bowen   foundation scholarship here and i do have a uh let 
me print this here okay so emma bowen foundation   and the foundation application 
um let me just read this for you   you are eligible to apply for the ebf internship 
they also have an internship if you meet all of   the following criteria you must be a student of 
color asian american indian alaskan black hawaiian   uh hawaiian specific islander hispanic latina 
or a multi-ratio are graduating from high school   senior or undergraduate college student um 
and your you will be graduating in the spring   of 2022 you are eligible to apply i'm trying 
to figure out i mean fall of 2022 because   this is the spring of 22 and they graduate 
actually next month so if you're going to   be graduating in the fall of 2022 you must have 
a grade point average of 3.0 you're interested   in pursuing a career in media and technology 
um and must speak and write english fluently   and you are curious and willing 
to learn and challenge yourself um so they have their their focus on um making 
sure that you have a viable platform to   get done what you want to do in regard 
to your career so again they do have   an internship and their internship is also 
paid they also provide on-the-job training   and then they have an annual summer conference i 
would like to i would like to check out the emma   bowen foundation application because it's 
not just you you you know you're getting   the you're getting awarded the scholarship 
but you're also getting so much more um   just being part of the foundation so um i'll put 
the link in and you can you know peruse through   their pages um at your leisure this is really 
a great scholarship that i am getting ready to   give you right now this is the nbna 2022 scholarship program okay they're going to 
um they have a plethora of scholarships they have   about one two three four five six seven there are 
seven different scholarships that they're offering   and the maximum amounts on their scholarship list 
is three thousand dollars now i'm going to only   read a couple of these uh scholarships for you 
um one is the dr lorraine sam scholarship uh dr   lorraine sam scholarship is awarded to a qualified 
nbna member based on scholastic achievement   financial d and community service who is in 
pursuing a bachelor or advanced nursing degree so   these scholarships that i am i'm going to just 
list off because i'm going to give you the link   and if you're going into nursing or you 
want to go into nursing these are some   of the scholarships that are available to you 
um if you apply uh the recipients must be an   individual who truly represents the leadership 
and commitment to services and the scholarship   of dr sam so if you're going to apply for that 
particular scholarship i would do my research   on dr lorraine sales okay because i'm sure i'm 
very very sure that if you're going to apply for   this particular scholarship or uh that they 
may ask some questions and i am very very   sure if you're going to be doing an essay they're 
going to be looking at the language in your essay   that will exemplify dr sam's um here is another 
one on the board of director scholarship from the   nbna um it's fifteen hundred dollars um there's 
another one the miss ola lofton scholarship is for   two thousand dollars um they are giving and and 
and you want to do research on this one too okay   um this particular scholarship that they 
are giving ola lofton um was remember that   i don't know if you know that uh she was a 
world war ii nurse okay so do the research   do the research um she passed away january 6 19 i 
mean 2019 um the scholarship will be uh given to a   nursing student pursuing a bsn um the scholarship 
is sponsored by sandra everly manly who is the   ceo of black hollywood education and research 
center okay so band-aid brand is giving away a   scholarship as well and it's ten thousand dollars 
okay so the band-aid brand black health care   heroes in nursing scholarship the band-aid 
company is giving ten thousand dollars per   person and they're only awarding five okay so 
they have a total of fifty thousand dollars and   you must be pursuing a bsn degree or higher um so 
you want to read about that there's the margaret   pemberton scholarship do your research uh the 
scholarship is provided by margaret peminton   she's a member of the black nurses association 
in the greater washington dc area and she's   going to be giving this particular scholarship 
of three thousand dollars uh to a nursing student   from the chapter in the conference post city so 
this is an endow scholarship um   also awards scholarships and if you are in 
nursing i'm sure um that when you get closer to   graduating normally um a good school a 
good institution educational institution   uh tells you where scholarships 
are located that you can apply for   so um nursing scholarship is two thousand dollars 
uh but they're only the two thousand is the the   for two people so it's one thousand dollars per 
person um so you can if you're part of the nbna   um and you're going back to school or a plan to 
be um uh in the facility of nursing if you are   a member if you're going if you are a lpn or lvn 
or iron pre licensure this this may be something   that you may you know want to do um by vedas 
healthcare the esther uh cauliflower scholarship   is a thousand dollars so again i'm gonna put the 
link in down below and that you who are in nursing   you're able to check it out okay 
um walmart and i think i have let me see let me see how you guys drinks coming 
your kool-aid in your tea or your your water um   okay so now let's get down to business take 
a deep breath and let's get it all right   so walmart um is doing a open call i in 76 
days nine hours 45 minutes and 47 seconds   um i'm trying to figure out what is this 
open call all about hang on one second   this is for entrepreneurs yes okay so and 20 
here in 2022 this is an open call event that   walmart is going to do it and they're going to 
be doing it let's see 79 days 76 days that's   going to be this fall all right so this gives 
you an opportunity to get your stuff together   they walmart hosts this event in support of their 
commitment commitment to us manufacturing um they   are look they want to talk to um entrepreneurs 
to meet face-to-face with walmart and sam's club   okay and to potentially get your product 
in the hands of millions of their customers i'm cheesing for you and i'm cheesing for me okay 
who doesn't want to get their products out before   millions of people do you know how big that is 
that's huge okay so they're going to be having   um um may 23rd which are which is coming up 
they're inviting uh suppliers are notified to   include whether they'll be attending in person 
or virtual um they also have june the third and   the night logistics webinars and then june 20th 
the suppliers are going to receive information   and then the 28th and the 29th of june um which 
actually they are going to have an event day   okay so open call is powered by walmart okay 
and also powered by range me and ecrm connect   now how do you get involved okay so how do you get 
involved after we read all the all the important   things i know you want me to get to the heart 
of the matter is christina how do i get involved   so there is a click here button when i put the 
link down here and you are going to um it's   going to take you to a a page okay it's going 
to is is the is going to be uh the marketplace   where you request to sell all right so if you have 
hair products skin products clothes electronics   um books i don't i don't know um i would 
it will behoove you to put your stuff all right so um this is very exciting 
so um to grow your business so that   you can do it um i'm going to put the 
link below for you entrepreneurs and   if you have products that you want to 
sell you want to get it on a mass level you want to get into walmart yeah okay i think that's a great 
this is a great opportunity and um   and it doesn't say that there is a limitation on 
how many applicants that they're going to have but   i am going to say this they have over 120 million 
monthly visitors 120 million okay that's a lot of   people okay um 90 of us e-commerce growth um that 
has happened within a two-year stack so we've   seen uh because of covet you know that e-commerce 
thing blew up okay um so just think you get your   your product and and walmart and so you have it 
not just in the store but also on the website   come through that is like fee nominal i love it 
okay so that's good for entrepreneurs here is   something for um this is a seed grant based in 
california it's called immigrants rising um the   immigrants rising organization is providing seed 
grants to entrepreneurs in california and with   this particular seed grant they are offering 4.6 
million for immigrant entrepreneurs in california so here it is so the types of grants okay so they 
have two different types of grants that they're   going to be awarding through this particular 
program um it is developing business non-profit   owner okay that grant is five thousand dollars 
the grants to individuals starting or growing   here it is starting or growing a business or a 
non-profit with annual growth business revenue   gross receipts it has to be less than a hundred 
thousand dollars in the 2020 tax year so they're   going to ask for your 2020 taxes your business 
taxes that's your schedule c's 11 20 11 20 s 10 65   okay if you are in the state of california so this 
is for developing business that's numb number one   number two is they're going to be also giving 
ten thousand dollars for a mature business   for grants where individual growing their 
business or non-profit with the annual growth   business revenue no more than a hundred thousand 
dollars up to a million dollars in the 2020   taxable year you have to have more than a hundred 
thousand dollars okay the other one was less than   this one is for more than and then you can have 
made up to a million dollars in the 2020 taxable   year so here's the application deadline the seed 
grant application will be accepted on a rolling   basis until the end of the grant period which will 
be june the 30th of 2022 um they're going through   a cycle so this is the fourth cycle okay 
because the first second and third are all gone   so this is the fourth cycle for this year and the 
last cycle which the deadline is may the first   okay may the first at 11 59 p.m all right so i'm 
gonna put the link so that you can read the rest   of it and you can um you can decide if you're 
you know if you're residing within the state of   california this may be a great opportunity for 
you as an entrepreneur texas beautiful taxes uh   texas social innovative accelerator program this 
is through the united way in dallas now i have a   couple of people that i know who are entrepreneurs 
in dallas and if you're looking for um money um   you want to apply to be a fellow okay so this 
one right here it actually closes tomorrow um it's a lot to get done in one day i would still 
try to do it if you don't have anything else to do   i mean how can you not lose you have until 11 59 
tomorrow to apply for this particular grant and   these are some of the things they're gonna need 
um they're gonna you you're gonna need to visit   their uh program timeline to sign up for their 
information session or an application workshop   um you visit their application samples so that you 
can find a sample what a pitch deck looks like and   their financial model because if you're going to 
be applying they want it to look like whatever   their example is okay um another thing is um also 
you want to be able to download their most recent   information session presentation um until it's 
going to tell all the details about their program   the application requirements and 
how they select their criteria   so i'm gonna make sure that i put that in there 
and that's if you are in dallas texas okay um i'm sure some of you know about i fund women   i fund women um i talk about them almost weekly um 
they have a iphone women entrepreneur of the year   and for uh for people to you can apply um it is 
you're going to win a hundred thousand dollars   equity investment um access to premium educational 
resources and um cash okay so the program criteria   i'm going to read that for you you must you must 
i'm sorry your business must be only operated   within the united states you must have been in 
business owner before march 28 2021 um you must be   in the process of solving a compelling problem 
in an innovative way you must have a strong pitch   and story of entrepreneurship must have a strong 
digital presence and visual media must demonstrate   meaningful impact product market fit and business 
growth and you must be willing to put your ideas   uh your business in front of the audience as 
part of their program and selection process so um   if you are a wallflower flower i would say that 
i would extend my petals and put myself out there   and um get involved in trying to gain this 100 000 
equity investment so um to and i i would need some   clarity on that so let's just let me just go to 
prizing right quick um the pricing is there's   going to be one grand prize winner who received 
100 000 equity investment in their company that's   what the equity investment is it's gonna be a 
hundred thousand dollar investment in your company   they're going to be your cap plateau for your 
table okay um you're going to get one year   educational services and resources six business 
category winners okay we'll each receive five   thousand dollars cash grant plus one year of 
educational services and resources so if you   don't get the one hundred thousand dollars 
you may get the five thousand dollars um so   um that is something that you may want to apply 
for so they have that equity into your business hundred thousand dollars nice piece of 
change but so is five okay um let me see   what else that i have here and this 
is kind of like a little ketchup from last week because i wasn't 
able to get to you guys okay so who   um are those who do gigs this particular 
grant is for gig economy workers okay in   the state of pennsylvania so for this 
particular grant right here this one it   is two hundred thousand to five 
hundred thousand dollars and um   trying to click on this link and now i have to 
click on the link to find me see if i can open it   for whatever reason it's not allowing me to open it but 
i'm gonna have that link ready for you   um um down below i'll work with it and see 
what's going on but this particular grant   is for five hundred thousand dollars um it is for 
the purpose of the foundation's welcome proposals   um non-profits and public sector sectors um are 
invited to submit one and entrepreneurs for for   proper companies with a social mission is able to 
apply for this eco gig economy workers grant okay   uh this one here is the uh vb 
thrive fitness business relief grant   this particular grant here i don't know 
why i'm not um i'm not clicking open   like i'm having technical difficulties today i 
don't know what's going on uh this is not the time   um let me see um but for this one right here 
it's called the bv thrive business release uh   grant program is for profit business license and 
located within the city of virginia beach okay   um seeing that i can now open up the link to give 
you that information i will make sure that it is   available to you when you um when you go on to my 
um look below okay to review here's another one   for portland oregon this is the prosper and i did 
this grant before the prosper portland's inspiring   diversity grant i did this um i don't know i 
think i did this one in the beginning of the year   to prosper because it sounds familiar um so 
this is about innovation and helping building   your community that grant is available um then 
we have the visible hands accelerator program   uh this deadline for this particular grant 
is may the 13th 2020 uh two and that it is   for 25 000 your company must be incorporated 
you must be committed to building your startup   um for this particular grant um your gender and 
race identity is underrepresented in technology   and you must be the founder and in the early 
stages of your startup for your business okay   another one is for two thousand dollars this 
is the civic learning youth grant uh this is   for non-org non-profit organizations and schools 
that grant is for 2 dollars okay so you're going   to apply for that and apply the feed fellowship 
it's a two thousand dollar grant they give five   hundred dollars to uh our representative um black 
owned businesses you have to be 18 years of age   your business must have 20 or few employees 
you must have a brick and mortar shop within   the united states you cannot earn more than 
one million dollars and um you must join wish   local so this is the feed fellowship grant 
this is to help feed i guess the community   okay so i have so so much so much so much so 
much and what i'm going to do is let me see it's so much out here i'm so loving this   yeah for whatever reason i'm not 
opening i'm trying to open up this stuff okay so let me get here because i want to make 
sure that you have time this is a business grant   called agrifood tech innovation grant okay it's 
for a thousand to ninety nine thousand dollars um   if you are interested in the food industry you 
must be based within the city of phoenix arizona   um it includes entrepreneurs small businesses 
and your entity cannot have more than 50   or more full-time employees they will accept 
joint proposals for the grant so that may   be something that you can go into partnership 
with someone that you do a collaboration which   is something that i love and that you you can 
collaborate on applying for this particular grant   um for if you are a non-profit organization um 
well first of all the agri food tech innovation   grant it closes april the 25th okay um for 
the now there's a non-profit grant that i   do have here it's called the african american 
heritage preservation program um in the state   of maryland the grant is starts at ten thousand 
dollars to one hundred thousand dollars and this   is for this is for construction related projects 
so uh for rehabilitation capital improvements new   constructions acquisition pre-development costs 
okay for your particular um nonprofit um and this   is like i said it is up to a hundred thousand 
dollars and it starts at ten thousand dollars   okay so that's all that i'm going to be giving 
today um if i have not mentioned some grants on   what i'm going to do is i'm going to put them in 
order of dates that they um have deadline from the   nearest deadline from there's one that's deadlines 
tomorrow there's a few that deadlines on the 15th   uh for the month of april and then i will 
go down uh to the month of may early may   and um i will put those in my link below now 
one of the things that i i do want to say to you   if you need any assistance and you know just 
to make sure you have everything together   when applying for these grants uh give me a 
shout out let me know um i can be reached at   um info christina l uh you can reach 
me there you can call me on my phone um um and   let me see what else that you can do you give me 
a call you can send me an email go on my website   you can schedule an appointment for a consultation 
i mean also too i still do consultations   um video if you want to be on youtube and talk 
about your business and i can still do that one   that one 45 minute free consultation for you i do 
give some good viable tips sometimes people come   to me they don't need me anymore so that free one 
hour benefits you um a lot of people don't agree   that i should do it but i do do it i do it anyway 
you know why because i want to help um i want to   help you i want you to be successful so with that 
have a great rest of the week i am hot um and you   wouldn't think i would be hot in this top but i 
am i'm hot um so have a awesome rest of the week   and i wish that you would prosper and be in good 
health even as your soul prosper god bless you

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