Top 7 Economics Schools in the US

(joyful piano music) – Hey everyone! This is
Gus with Crimson Education. And, If you're really interested in learning about making money you could either visit
Mint or study economics. The academic study of wealth. Economics is a popular topic of study because it offers a solid base to go into a lot of
different career paths. Including some really lucrative ones. – Money. I smell money. – Okay. – So, If learning about making money sounds like you. Let's
take a look at the top seven economic schools in the U.S. – Show me the money! (joyful piano music) – Number seven takes us
to Columbia University. Located in New York City
which is coincidentally the economic center of
the U.S. banking industry. Columbia offers a variety
of economic programs. Depending on what your
long-term career goals are. And also offers masters and PhD degrees in economics. The number six school
for economics in the U.S. Is the University of
Chicago, which is like the king of academic economics. – I am the king! UChicago has produced more Nobel Prize winning economist than
any other university. It's not guaranteed that you'll win one if you go there, but like it's almost guaranteed.

And you can take classes from the author of Freakonomics, Steven Levitt. – Economist are terrible. – Number five is the University
of California at Berkeley. The top public university in the country. Which has what is regarded
as one the most modern and forward-thinking economics
departments in the world. Berkeley is also about
three times larger than the rest of the schools on our list. So, it's a pretty good choice if you want a big school with a great econ program. Berkeley's main rival is actually our number four school,
Stanford University. Stanford has put a lot of effort into beefing up it's economic
department in recent years. And has some of the most accomplished economics faculty in
the world as a result. Stanford is also right down
the street from Google, and a lot of other tech companies. So, if you're interested in combining tech and econ, it's a good choice for you. Our number three econ
school is the esteemed Wharton School of Business, part of the University Of Pennsylvania. Students can get a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Depending on their interests. And Wharton has produced some the most important business leaders of our time.

Including the CEOs of Tesla and Google, Warren Buffett, and the current President of The United States. – We can't sell beef, it's peanuts… – It could happen to you to. MIT is our number two
U.S. economics school. Since less than one percent of the undergraduate population of MIT actually winds up studying economics, it is a really small and
personalized apartment. Which is not something you're gonna find in many other schools.

And finally, our number
one U.S. economic school is Harvard University in
Cambridge, Massachusetts. Actually right down the street from MIT. Economics is one of the
biggest and most popular departments at Harvard. Which makes sense, since most of the faculty are really big names in the field. You're probably going to be getting taught by the professors who
wrote your textbooks.

Well, that's our list for today. If you have any questions,
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