Wie du mit dem Video Sales Letter Conversion in eurem Funnel erhöhst und Sales-Zyklen verkürzt

To distribute your expert knowledge about the situation and problems of your customers to an endless number of prospects without ever having to speak to them. So you talk about your story as an entrepreneur, about case studies and concrete solutions and at the same time you can build enormous trust with people you have never met personally and with people who have never heard of you before. Hello and welcome to a new video with ComX.io. I'm Levin from the Customer Success Team and I'm happy that you're back today. Today's video is about the so-called video sales letter. A method that we have been using for four years and that was essential for us to growing from zero to more than 300 B2B customers without investors. If you stay tuned to the end today, I'll show you exactly three things: First of all, how you can use this specific format in B2B with complex products to completely stand out from the competition and establish yourself as a Though Leader in your space.

First. Second, to increase conversion in your funnel. That means how you could use a VSL on your landing page, in your ads and during outbound prospecting to book more meetings with relevant prospects who already trust you and who also have the problem that you are solving. And thirdly, how you can use it to shorten your sales cycle from months to a few weeks. And that been said, let's get in, with some context and a definition of the concept in itself. Yes, such a video sales letter, which we will now call a VSL, is a pre-recorded pitch of your product or service that helps you to build trust and credibility, which we also call Status Delta, with your target group. Historically, the VSL is based on the same principles as a normal sales letter. This is a concept that was initially established in the USA in the 70s and 80s and was used very successfully at that time to sell women household products such as washing machines or microwaves.

Back then, of course, they were still real letters that were sent to housewives. Today, the same psychological principles are used by a number of marketers in companies such as Hubspot, Salesforce and many others to sell complex B2B solutions. A VSL now has the goal of generating or capturing the attention, i.e. the curiosity and resonance of your prospects . And then the commitment to take the next step in the form of a meeting or opt-in, for example. Very important: you do not talk in detail about your solution in the VSL , but you focus on your target group and their problems. So you use it to distribute your expert knowledge about the situation and problems of your customers to an endless number of prospects without ever having to speak to them.

So you talk about your story as an entrepreneur, about case studies and about concrete solutions and at the same time you can build enormous trust with people you have never met personally and with people who have never heard from you before. A VSL can now be three minutes to three hours long. That depends entirely on how sensibly you can fill the time and how comfortable you feel with it. Our VSL at ComX, which we also link to below, has got longer and longer and now lasts for almost two hours.

Make sure to remember the seven-hour rule: longer is almost always better. For those of you who are new to it, the seven-hour rule states that it takes on average seven hours to convert an ice-cold prospect who has never heard of you into a customer. The seven-hour rule is therefore a central concept in B2B sales and is also extremely important when setting up a landing page. If I want to see more details and the step-by-step guide on how to optimize your landing page after conversion and at the same time ensure the ROI for all of your online nets , then please have a look at my last video on the topic.

You can find the link in the description below . Alright, so back to the topic: the seven-hour rule. Now it is the case that in most medium-sized B2B companies this seven-hour rule, i.e. this period of time, takes place in discussions and other manual touchpoints in the sales process. So cold calls for example, live webinars, in discovery calls, in demos, e-mail follow-ups calls and so on. And that is also one of the main reasons for the often exorbitantly long sales cycle that many of our customers have of six to twelve months or even longer. Your VSL now allows you to anticipate up to three hours per customer for each individual deal. Some of you must have one thought now : My target group are C-level managers and other executives, that's no different at ComX either. As if these people would now take an hour or two to watch a video of someone they don't know. The answer to the question is very simple: If you are message-market fit, then so will you. Message-market fit means that you are talking to the right person at the right time and that you are addressing a real problem for these people that they are really concerned with at the moment .

Then they take the time for this, just as they would take the time for a sales talk with you. That’s how you’ve been selling your products so far. If you want to hear first hand from one of our customers how powerful a VSL can be, then take a look at the latest ComX case study with Jan, the CSO of Actum Digital. At minute three, I think that's it, he explains what impact the VSL had on him in the sales process. I linked the video to you here once. In addition to the seven-hour rule, the VSL also has a direct positive influence on the course of your demos. If you have already established Delta and Social Proof status in the VSL , through strong delivery, through strong case studies, then every conversation starts on the basis of the assumption that you can be trusted and that you really solve the problem that way solves as he says it.

You will find that there will hardly be any agitation or annoyed prospects in demos and that the frame within these conversations will always be highly collaborative. People have decided in advance that they will find you well and now it's really just a matter of pick her up for their specific use case, to convince and to answer questions and to overcome economic hurdles course. Using this process, even very young and inexperienced sales employees, who are not yet able to generate much of their own status delta , can close deals in the five-digit or even higher range in the shortest possible time.

Especially in the case of complex structures with several buying centers and various stakeholders , the VSL helps to get all decision-makers and influencers on board without you having to speak to them again . Last but not least, you can also use the VSL to train your sales team , as it highlights the most important aspects of your pitch and is therefore the perfect basis for training your sales people. And finally and the best. Here are a few statistics: By 2022, 82 percent of the content consumed on the Internet will be in video format . This includes all content that is consumed in the B2B area. That is 15 times more than in 2017. And despite this massive growth in the video sector, hardly anyone in the DACH market is doing really well.

So there has never been a better time to set up a VSL and really stand out from the competition. So, if you 've stuck with it until the end , find the whole thing exciting, but of course ask yourself: "Hey, how should I go about it? What exactly do I want to do when setting up the VSL? What are the exact contents, the purely need? what order is the right one? what equipment do I need? and how do I do when recording the most? what mistakes should I avoid best at the beginning, and what I have to actually make it to the VSL then also highly efficient and to implement with the best conversion in my funnel? " Then book an interview with one of our growth consultants now .

You can find the link for this in the description below. They will pick you up once and when you join us in our program, we will set it up with you from A to Z. Tell me, Andreas, is that it now? Yes, that's it, or one more thing: the outro is missing. Ah yes. If you liked this video, subscribe to our channel and ring the bell so that you don't miss any video in the future.

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