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well it is surprising to see that 
hey there are so many roles available   it's member of technical staff member 
of technical staff senior full stack   developer community manager all these things 
and all these roles are visa sponsored hello guys welcome to today's video in this 
video we are going to talk about careers in   blockchain yes you can potentially build a career 
in blockchain outside of india without the need   to actually study abroad that's a beautiful 
condition right so let's explore that in this   video this video is divided into four parts number 
one why blockchain technology is booming currently   number two which industries are looking to hire 
experts in the blockchain space and what are the   roles they are offering number three what is the 
skill that is required to actually get into this   blockchain space number four finally important and 
interesting which websites can you get on to apply   for these blockchain roles outside of india okay 
so let us get started right away with this video   the first thing that you need to understand 
is the fact that blockchain is not necessarily   just cryptocurrencies or bitcoin bitcoin is only 
one single application of blockchain why is this   important because a lot of you believe that hey 
if the cryptocurrencies are so volatile building   a carrier in blockchain might not be such a good 
idea because my blockchain career might also crash   anytime right that's not the case let us look at 
where and how blockchain can be used blockchain   simply said is a data structure right it's a block 
of data and you keep building blocks on top of it   the reason why blockchain is becoming popular 
right now is because this technology can store the   data in a safe way and a transparent way if you 
want to rent out your home in goa what would you   do you go to airbnb and basically list it there 
you are competing with 100 other folks that's   all right but you are also paying airbnb five 
percent ten percent commission correct why because   they are providing you a place to show your ad 
essentially now imagine in the web three or in   the next coming few years you don't need airbnb 
all you can do is you directly go on internet   you know a particular public blockchain data 
where you can store your data and you can make   it visible for everybody for free right so do 
you need to pay any commission to anybody no   would you love that absolutely so this is 
going to be the future right you can probably   rent your home in goa you can probably 
sell your car through a public blockchain   also governments would love the fact that hey 
the data will be so transparent they can probably   go for digital voting they can probably disburse 
the schemes the funds through a public blockchain   mechanism so that it's transparent and there 
are no allegations of corruption if they are   not happening correct so this is why blockchain 
is important it is not just about cryptocurrencies   of course you can also do peer-to-peer lending 
but that is again one single application so which   industries would love to take part in this kind of 
revolution of course governments right number two   technology companies like airbnb themselves 
facebook google amazon airbnbs of the world   all these companies are now looking to hire 
blockchain developers the reason being that   hey their existence right now is actually under 
threat because of this blockchain technology   so they want to adopt when it is possible 
and make sure that they are future proof   the third set of industry or companies which 
are looking to hire blockchain guys is of course   the startups which are building companies which 
are building applications using this technology   and finally is the banking industry right banks 
are also looking to hire blockchain developers   and a few other blockchain experts so let us 
now move into the portion where we talk about   the roles that are being offered in the industry 
and the skills that you need to crack these roles   well without any surprises let me reveal the 
three roles number one software developer role   number two digital marketer and number three legal 
guys well it's an interesting mix of roles so let   us understand each one of them independently 
technology roles this is a nascent industry   the technology is still evolving so the job 
requirements are not too out of the world if   you can display the fact that you have some kind 
of working knowledge either an internship or a   side project that will still help and how can you 
get started and where do you need to get started   you simply go on to right you 
start with solidity programming language   well i was talking with a expert recently and 
she mentioned that for you to build a complex   smart contract all you need is three months and 
the basic requirements are knowledge in java   javascript or python these things 
will help you get started immediately   the second role is digital marketing rules well 
as a digital marketer you will create content   or you will manage a community or you'll get 
involved in the design aspects or the strategy   aspects for each one of these things you need to 
understand the industry itself so start following   a few people on twitter by the way this is a very 
close-knit community the entire blockchain world   crypto world is a very close-knit community 
so following a very few people will help you   get started i will put a few twitter handles 
in the description box so that you can get   started with this also i'm going to talk about 
blockchain crypto bitcoin smart contracts and a   lot of other things on this channel so please do 
subscribe okay the third one is about legal guys   well we know that this entire technology has been 
built by software developers and for example what   is a smart contract on ethereum doing right 
now it will help you rent your home in goa   and probably somebody can lease it but what 
happens if somebody promises to lease your home   and pulls away in the last minute there have 
to be some clauses right and these clauses and   binding agreements are not very well established 
and that is the reason why legal guys are going   to play a huge role going forward another small 
matter of fact is that government regulations   are getting tightened you need to have legal 
guys on the team to tackle these small issues   correct now moving forward let us talk through 
the most important aspect what are some of the   places where you can start applying for these 
roles let us jump right into the website   well it is surprising to see that 
hey there are so many roles available   it's member of technical staff member 
of technical staff senior full stack   developer community manager all these things 
and all these roles are visa sponsored   right if you look at it closely one of the roles 
is in lisbon one of the roles is in dubai one of   the rules is remote right berlin bunch of these 
things if we just get into let's say the first one you may be fit for this role we mostly use go 
however languages can be learned we really care   about your engineering skills this is what 
i was talking about the technology stack   requirements folks are not too particular 
about them they want to evaluate if you have   some kind of experience right you are still 
ready to go okay if we take a step back this is the marketing manager 
role at blockburn that's in dubai this indicates that hey what 
is the experience that you need   it says strong understanding of the 
general crypto market and top of your game   reading industry trends and hypes yes by the way 
this is a dubai role with a visa sponsorship right it's interesting to note that   it's interesting to note that there 
are only 15 applicants for this role   there are only 12 applicants for this role they're 
only 16 again 28 these roles are remote dubai   lisbon right bunch of different international 
locations but there are not too many applicants to   start with so if you go on let's say if 
you typically if you go onto you will   probably see hundreds or thousands of applicants 
for each role and here you see 15 20 30 so why not   so just to share with you the final reveal 
is crypto jobs list and there are a few other   websites too which will help you the best possible 
way is go on to these company websites you go down if you click on the companies tab here you will 
realize that hey some of these companies like   coinbase offer roles across the three things 
that we were talking about paralegal manager in   business development digital asset researcher 
senior software engineer right these are the   roles that all these organizations are currently 
recruiting for so all you need to do is just get   started and build your skill and then apply don't 
immediately go on a rush and apply for these roles   it's not going to help anybody please take your 
time and then apply for these roles hopefully   you have learned something from this video i 
look forward to seeing you again tomorrow guys   if you love this content please do share it with 
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