The #1 CRM for Home Service Based Businesses – Why I love JOBBER, and why you will too!


One of the most critical pieces to successfully running a business specifically a service based business, whether it’s a pressure washing company a lawn care, fertilizer, snow plowing, whatever it is, you know that in order to run that business smoothly, you need a client management software that can keep up with a growing business. In my opinion, no one does it better than Java.

And I want to tell you a little bit about why I think Java is the best client management software for your business. So in a nutshell, what is Java, Java is an award winning platform that helps service based businesses basically run their entire organization, everything from quotes, to leads to jobs, to schedules, to collecting payments, to invoices, basically, everything you actually need to be successful in the business. No matter how good you are the service that you offer, if you don’t manage it, right, you have no shots.

So I want to tell you why I think Java is the best in the business and why I decided from day one, with my new pressure washing business to use Java as my preferred client management software. Every service based business has a pretty similar workflow, whether you are a pressure washing company, a lawn care company, a fertilizer company, bug removal company, whatever it is, you have a pretty similar workflow, you get a phone call or a lead request from someone, they want to know how much your service is, it’s your jobs, then give them an estimate.


It’s your hopes that they accept it. And once they accept it, you have to schedule a team to make it happen. And then once it happens, you have to schedule the invoice to be able to get paid for it.

And then you hopefully repeat that process on and on. Now that whole process can either be done very well and very easily with something like Java. Or you can use other software where it may be a little bit more cumbersome. And that process isn’t as enjoyable. All those things I mentioned are incredibly easy to use directly on the Java app, which to me is a no brainer, because having just my phone with me or just an iPad with a check when they’re out in the job, I need all those things to be accessible and easy so that as we continue to get more and more leads, and more and more jobs, we can quickly give people prices, quickly collect payments, quickly schedule teams and continue that process as we grow.



It needs to be easy as a company is growing, to add more employees, and to continue to make that process seamless. And I really love how well it works directly on the phone. So let me show you. So if I show up to a job like this, for example, I can walk around. And in real time with two clicks instantly hit quote, could just add the client, if it’s brand new client, I could just literally put it in real quick test client.

For mine site, I could just type in their address real quick. For this example, we’re just going to use 123 Main Street, put in their information, phone number, email that stuff, obviously. But then you’re instantly right into the quote. And you can add line items. And you can take pictures in real time to put together a really professional quote.



So if I’m looking at the front of the house, for example, and I say okay, well, this could definitely use a house wash, I could say what that amount is. And whether you do it by like square footage, whether you do by the thing, by the unit costs, I could just say right here that the total would be $550. And I could right away, just take a photo of that. Using your built in camera, obviously, hey, use photo, it’ll right away, start to put these in and start to formulate those, it’ll automatically add the tax automatically to all those and it will put together a really professional looking quote. So you can walk around just very quickly from your phone, you don’t need like a computer, you don’t even need an iPad, you can just do it just as easy from the phone as you can from any other device.

And that’s super important to me, because as someone who uses iPads and phones, but obviously, I may have employees who also use androids or iPhones, whatever it is, it’s super quick to do all those same exact things.


You can also add optional line items. So it’ll say to them, hey, we recommend the fence cleaning, here’s how much it is. And when you send that quote, they can just uncheck a box and say I don’t want to do that I don’t want to do this, or I want to do this, it’ll automatically add all this stuff works really, really well. And it’s super professional looking, which is important.



If you’re running a business and you want to get professional quotes and be able to look professional in the work that you do having an applet job are super, super important for that because this is really the lifeline of your business. So let’s say I wanted to add a little sidewalk cleaning here and I looked at this and said okay, this would be let’s just say 150 bucks. And so just take a picture of it real fast. Boom, use photo. So after I go through all these you can see down below it says your subtotal your discount if you wanted to suddenly add a discount of a certain percentage or you wanted to add $1 discount or whatever.

It’ll ask for what your sales tax is. It’ll say whether or not you want to required deposit for what you’re doing.


You could also put any additional client message in there. For us, we always put in our actual terms and conditions, which are just all the stuff that people need to know about when we’re cleaning their home. And just like that, then you hit save.

And you’ll see that instantly it takes you right to your next screen, and you can either review it or just send it, you can send it as a text message, you can send it as an actual email. But the great thing is just how nice it actually looks. If I go to review and send you can see that it instantly shows me what that quote actually is going to look like to the client. Right? When I bring that up, you can see that it’s very professionally branded, it says what I’m going to offer for the price and it shows pictures next to it, it shows how long the quote is valid for, you can just hit next and go ahead and send it by text or email very, very simple, all easy to do right directly from the app, which makes it really convenient to use.



Another nice feature is the fact that it actually has a built in client hub. So if you specifically work with a lot of clients regularly, maybe it’s yard care, or it’s fertilizer, or in some sort of painting service or whatever, they can regularly just add new requests in there. And you can give instant quotes for it saves all information they can even add like your preferred method of payment that you can continue to charge and use. So it makes it really easy to do ongoing work for clients. And you can have it do all the reminders for invoices and automatically send the invoices.


Another thing they just added I really like is actually two way messaging directly in the actual app. So if you want it to be able to give access to your text, for example, in a pressure washing service or lawn care where they can actually text the client, hey, we’re 10 minutes away.


Or you can have it automatically have pre formatted template things that you could say, Hey, we always like to make sure that we text our clients 30 minutes before we arrive or immediately after you can have all these templates done so that as soon as they mark complete, you can have an automation set that it sends them a message saying, thanks for your service, whatever, here’s a review, you can review us on Google or Facebook, whatever you can do two way messaging directly in the app back and forth. So if you’ve sent them a quote, and they need to ask you questions back and forth, you can actually have direct two way communication with that.


The client can also decide to not do that if they want to turn off text messaging.

But I really like that because you can kind of keep all communication in one app, which is nice. Obviously, when you’re in that test client as well, you have all that information like property information you can tap into, it takes you right to Google Maps, so you can see exactly where that location is, you can call them right directly in there. And so you kind of keep everything in one nice, very organized hub, you can also go back to any of your previous clients, you can look at a little bit of everything. Once a client decides, hey, that price works for me, they would be able to just approve the quote. But if I was here, and they said that sounds good, I can just approve it for them right like this.

Immediately, they’d sign boo, boo, boo, boo, boom. This is basically them approving it. And then you could have your terms and conditions that they’re signing and improving what you’re actually doing. And then as soon as that’s done, I would get notification if I was the person that maybe does the actual scheduling of everybody and I can hit convert to job right away.


It says, When do you want to do it.

And you could either hit find time and look for the next available time for all of your texts, which is obviously really convenient. Or if I specifically was right here, I knew I was going to do it right away. I could say this is going to be 11:30am. And it should take about an hour and we’re going to make it till 12:30pm. And I can say Who do I want my team to be?

Let’s just say I wanted to make it to myself. And then we hit Continue.


And it would show all the stuff you could choose a different tech to do a different part of the job than a different tech, whatever. And it will ask you invoicing reminder, do you want to remind us once the job is complete, or you can say Don’t remind me to invoice and then boom, as soon as I hit save, then when you see I go here to my schedule, if this was me looking at my schedule, I’d say okay, here’s my job that I have, when I tap on it, it would show me what we’re actually doing.


And it would allow me to look at the details of that, I can just hit that little button, it will go right to the actual address that we’re looking for, to be able to get there quickly right with Google Maps.

Once the tech gets there, they hit start timer and the timer would start to go and then they would stop timer so you can keep track of how long things are taking and maybe are you quoting the right amount based on how long it’s taking is that tech taking longer than they should whatever you can really see all those details. As soon as you hit Mark complete, you then have the options right away create the invoice now invoice later schedule the next visit, you can decide whether or not your Tech’s have actual control each person directly of whether they can do all the invoicing or not. If I hit Create invoice now, right away, it allows me to go here collect a payment, I can accept cash, credit card, check whatever, right in the app, send receipts super quick and easy to use. If you’re more of a manager or a dispatcher of any sorts, you may use a tablet like an iPad, or maybe even a computer to do all the stuff in chopper.


And it’s obviously just as easy in there, you can use the native app directly in the iPad.

Or if you have some like an iPad, or most computers, you can use the full Weber’s web version of it as well. I prefer when I’m actually using the iPad to use the full version because it will obviously give you all the information that you need, including reports and all the backend stuff that you might not be able to see directly in the app because the app is obviously made more for ease of use of giving instant quotes approving things collecting payments, seeing schedules, all that stuff. But if you’re a manager who does a lot other stuff besides that, it can be Even more convenient to use a full web web browser version of it, to see all your stuff to see where all your different texts are, to see reports to see income, profit loss, all that stuff.


So it works really, really well no matter what you’re actually using. So as you can see, Java is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you run your business.

And I highly recommend that you check it out. If you use the link down below, you can actually get 20% off for your first six months of use. And I’m convinced that once you use, you’ll probably want to stick with it. It’s been working great for me as I just launched this new business, keeping me nice and organized. And my team organized and invoicing, organized and leaves in quotes and all that great stuff.



Whether you’re just starting your service based business or you already have it going and you’re looking to possibly change to a different client management software or maybe implement one for the first time. I cannot tell you enough how important it is. and Java is a great one to use. So click the link below and enjoy it. I’m a proud Java ambassador, and I think that you will be too Thanks for watching.

Hope this helped you.


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