Agribusiness & Business Management Program Overview – Ohio State ATI

hi there welcome to our overview of the Ohio State ATI business programs I'm Kim Hostetler and I am the business program coordinator I'm on the faculty here at ATI and I'll be sharing some information with you today about our different business programs and our courses and so forth some of the courses that … Read more

A Quick Guide to the Foreign Trade Regulations – Video #2

[ Music ] Congratulations, you have just made an international sale! For many of you this is your first time exporting, so you may not be familiar with the filing requirements of the Automated Export System, which I will refer to as the AES. But you may be wondering, when are you required to file … Read more

Biology 1010 Lecture 1 Intro to Biology

– [Instructor] Biology, like any other discipline, studies one particular aspect and for us as far as the physical sciences go, biology is essentially the study of life. If you have physics, you're studying the laws and such that govern how all matter and energy work in the universe. If you're looking at chemistry, you're … Read more

Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer | (877) 781-1570 | Federal Criminal Attorney LA CA

Hello my name's Alan Eisner and I'm a founding partner here at Eisner Gorin our law firm I want talk to you little bit about successfully defending a federal drug crime. Many times a client is in my office they've been arrested and charged after their home on their property or their car has been … Read more

Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio

(dramatic music) – [Ray Dalio] The changing world order. The times ahead will be radically different from those that we've experienced in our lifetimes, though similar to many times before. How do I know that? Because they always have been. Over my roughly 50 years of global macroeconomic investing, I've learned the hard way that … Read more


We begin with a Bigfoot with bad BO. That's how the legendary Florida creature known as the skunk ape has been described. People say it lurks in the Sunshine State, even leaving prints. Does it add up to proof, or is it a bit too perfect? Panama City Beach in Florida's panhandle is a popular … Read more

America’s Black upper class – Rich, successful and empowered | DW Documentary

in the united states there are more and more african-american millionaires their number has doubled over the past 25 years today one in 50 black families are millionaires part of a new black upper class in the country five thousand dollars i mean we built the company to be a multi-million dollar business today black … Read more

How Amazon Paid $0 Federal Income Tax in 2018

Amazon is a very sophisticated tax player. Amazon is very much the canary in the coal mine. They're really doing what a lot of politicians wish more companies would do. Amazon is a huge company, but you know just how huge it really is. We start with amazing Amazon somewhere CEO Jeff Bezos is smiling. … Read more